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Join us at the April 2010 Action Event to Stop the Bombs


Saturday, April 10, 2009
Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

The Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex is Ground Zero for the Stockpile Life Extension Program. Right now, the United States is performing “life extension upgrades” on the W76 warhead in clear violation of our commitment to the Nonproliferation Treaty.

Congress, this year, is appropriating $110,000,000 for design work on a new bomb plant in Oak Ridge. The design money is a down payment on the $3.5 billion Uranium Processing Facility.

In April 2009, President Barack Obama made a speech in Prague that committed the United States to a world free of nuclear weapons. Since then, he has submitted a budget to Congress that increases funding for continued production of nuclear weapons in Oak Ridge and sets aside money for designing a new bomb plant in Oak Ridge.

If we want a Nuclear Weapons Free World, we must create the political pressure that will force President Obama to match his words with action and make the United States a leader in global nuclear disarmament.

The April Action will bring youth and others to the last, full-scale, operating nuclear weapons production plant in the United States. Energy is building for a Youth Brigade for Peace and Disarmament which may engage in civil resistance at the gates of Y12.

This is a crucial time. US nuclear policy is being re-written right now. Whether it will break free of the past and move forward to a nuclear weapons free future remains to be seen, but we do not have to be bystanders. The weapons establishment is working every angle to maintain weapons production activities—they are formulating plans for a “leaner, cleaner” bomb production complex and, according to Newsweek magazine, are on the verge of cutting a deal: in return for funding for new bomb plants and continued bomb production, they will allow Congress to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. This deal, which aims to make US nuclear weapons permanent, will undermine global nonproliferation efforts in return for a piece of paper.

In addition, the nations of the world convene in May of 2010 to review the Nonproliferation Treaty at the United Nations. Most observers believe the Treaty will collapse if the US and other nuclear power do not demonstrate concrete steps toward meeting the commitment they made 40 years ago to pursue disarmament “at an early date.”


The April Action for a Nuclear Weapons Free World in Oak Ridge can send a powerful message to decision-makers. Please come to Oak Ridge to stand for a future of hope.

More information is available now at Updates as plans are confirmed.

sponsored by the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance


Friday evening, April 9 • Knoxville, TN
Nonviolence Training | Affinity Group meeting
Peacekeeper Training
Puppetista Rehearsal

Saturday, April 10 • Oak Ridge, TN
Concert for a Nuclear Weapons Free World
Alvin K. Bissell Park, Oak Ridge, TN

March for Disarmament
Bissell Park to Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex

Rally and Action for a Nuclear Weapons Free World
“Mr. President, We’re Holding You To Your Word”
East Bear Creek Road gate, Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex
intersection of Bear Creek Road and Scarboro Road
Youth Brigade Action for Peace and Disarmament

April 5-9 • Knoxville, TN
Puppet Build | Street Theatre Workshop

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