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How you look doesn’t mean anything

The World War era may have ended 60 years ago, but that doesn’t necessary mean that we are at peace now. Up until now, war is still a major problem. One of the main causes of war is the misunderstandings of two or more countries or organizations. And up to this very day, there are still some countries that are not in good terms with one another.

Over the past years, the relationship between the United States and Afghanistan had been intense. Thousands have already died due to the rift between these countries. Soldiers on both sides have been killed, families have been left behind, thousands of civilians have died and countries have been divided. Is this what we really want?

This war has created a wrong impression about the people in Afghanistan or nationalities related to Afghanistan. Most people would pre-judge an individual basing from his or her looks. If a person has long beard or is a Muslim, people would already see him as a terrorist. This discrimination is just unacceptable. Good people are being misjudged just because they look like bad guys or terrorists. And it also doesn’t mean that if you are groomed well, you are a good guy. Using silk’n sensepil hair remover doesn’t make you a better person or doesn’t show your real characteristics.
The wars that we have created are introducing a wrong mentality to our citizens towards other nationalities. It should not be like that. You may look like Osama bin Laden but that doesn’t necessary mean you are a terrorist. And it also doesn’t mean that if you look like Jesus, that makes you holy or a good guy. Looks should not be the basis of an individual’s identity or characteristics.
We started war therefore we should also be responsible enough to end it. Isn’t peace what we all wanted? Wouldn’t the world be a better place to live in if all people are in good terms? War is only contributing to more hatred, more deaths, more rifts and more money wasted. Visit this website to learn about how much the government has been spending on war alone. Instead of investing on guns, tanks, nuclear weapons and other destructive weaponry, why not invest in food for the community, shelter for the poor, a better education and health care system and so on. These are what we need. We don’t need war.  In fact, we never needed war.
We need to start ending war right now. There are other important matters than war. We need a more peaceful world. And we can start changing the world within ourselves. My friend, be a part of ending war.

Can There Be a Peaceful Resolution To This Conflict?

It seems that the anti-war movement is having a social crisis of its own with certain home hair removal kit manufacturers at home and overseas. A few of the at-home laser treatment hair removal manufacturers were considering certain advertising campaigns to help support anti-war movement groups, and by supporting the liberation of women in the Middle East. While funding groups for world peace, the corporations figured they could ascertain the overseas market in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan believing the women in these countries would appreciate the support from American companies and utilize their products; all the while, the companies would break open a whole new market raking in huge profits to the delight of their shareholders.

The members of found out about the plans when reading tria laser hair removal reviews written by women liberated from the Taliban by their organization in Afghanistan. A few of the Afghan women were given free laser kits to use at the business training school run by the Stop The Bombs Organization and funded by the Tria corporation. After years of rigid conformity to the Taliban rules and religious ideology, the hair removal kits were a huge success and welcomed gift to the newly liberated ladies.

In their reviews the Afghanistan women were clearly quite impressed with the laser hair removal’s performance and ease of use. They cited how the instructions were clearly written and very detailed in every step of the process, and this was from ladies who have never had professional treatment or even allowed to use razors in their previous lives. They talked about how the cordless Tria fits nicely in your hand making it very easy to reach difficult areas on your body such as the back of your legs.

Since safety is a big concern with laser hair removal kits, the company set up a customer service team that spoke their native language. The women had to call the customer service team to activate the device; thus, the professional team was able to ensure that each woman knew how to safely handle the laser device.The only areas the women were advised not to use the laser close to was around the face and around the genitals.

Being able to use the Tria laser device in the privacy of their own rooms was also another big selling point. There are five intensity levels that are based on the thickness of the hair being removed. Women may adjust the laser for any discomfort felt when using the device at higher levels. Each person’s comfort level is different, and the Tria allows for women with sensitive skin to set the laser at a lower level alleviating the discomfort altogether.

What gave away the corporations’ hidden agenda was that the women who were given the kits were told that if they got five of their friends to buy the product they could keep their laser devices for free. Realizing that it took several treatments for the hair to be permanently removed, the women felt pressured to get their friends to buy the devices before the corporations asked for their kits back. The anti-war organization overheard the women pressuring their friends to buy these laser hair removal kits and knew something was up.

Now it is a moral dilemma for the peace organizations who desperately need funds to continue their mission, and although it may leave a bad taste in their mouth the groups might have to swallow their pride if they want to stop the war and liberate more women abroad.

Using Proxies to Speak Online

Sometimes we don’t realise quite how lucky we all are living in democratic countries, where we can use technology to communicate and express ourselves within reason.  However many nations don’t allow such unfettered access and heavily censor their countries internet feed.  It’s certainly not safe to speak your mind online in places like Iran, China or Thailand.  Say something criticial online about the leaders in these nations and you’ll be risking a very long jail term or worse.

In fact communicating about pretty much anything can get you into some trouble in these places.  A blogger in Thailand recently received a 20 year jail term for criticising the Royal family there, unfortunately he died in custody waiting for his appeal to come through.  In China you are constantly monitored and all web requests have to go through  the Great Firewall of China.  Don’t try looking for information on Tienneman Square for example as everything is blocked.

To bypass these sorts of blocks and to keep your self safe – many online activists use proxies and identity cloaking software.  This allows you to circumvent some of the content filtering software that is used.  There’s an example of the software  that can do this  in this post here – How to Use a BBC Iplayer Proxy.  Or watch this video here –

Available on YouTube also
It works quite simply by hiding your real IP address by relaying through a secure proxy server and also encrypting your content to block content filters.  In this example the software is being used to allow people to watch the BBC anywhere in the world but it is more seriously used by campaigners and activists online all over the world.

The Better Life outside in North Korea

In one of my travel assignments in Asia as a photojournalist, I had the opportunity to make friends with a beautiful but shy teenage girl from Seoul, Korea. Her name is Sandara. I took her as a subject for one of my projects and although hesitant at first, I managed to get her to agree to be my model.

One thing I noticed from Sandara while I was taking her first few photos was an apparent abnormal bodily hair growth. It’s as if, she had never known of any hair removal product all her life! I’ve seen other Korean girls and I must say that all of them did not have that. Did she not have any access to the product? Or is she not familiar with the many adverts on hair removal products including the good no no hair removal reviews which can be easily accessed online?

Embarrassing as it is, I managed to talk to her about it and I was very surprised to find out that she grew up not knowing about the need for hair removal product. This was due to the hard life they had when they were in North Korea. Her mother failed to teach her anything about grooming or caring for her body, etc. She practically grew up knowing that life is about surviving day after day after day. Just survive and nothing else. It was only outside North Korea that she got to know a relatively better life.

And so, I painstaking explained to her about good grooming and that a lady needs to get rid of excessive hair growth in the body by using a hair removal product. For her to understand all about hair removal, I asked her to check this website –                    

I introduced her to my favourite and preferred hair removal product and asked her to use that for a trial or she can choose from the many other brands available in the market. And honestly, I wasn’t sure if she would even try it. I prayed that she would and thankfully, she did. And as I expected, I was pleased with the results!

During the course of our photo shoot, I noticed yet again, something different from my model. She looked very different from the Sandara I knew a few weeks earlier. There was something in her that dramatically changed which I couldn’t point a finger to until I saw the prints of the photos I shot the day after she used the hair removal product. Her face exuded a strange aura of confidence and happiness. The product did her good!

And she couldn’t stop thanking me for pointing it out to her. She couldn’t understand why no one dared to call her attention about it. She told me later on that every time she looks in the mirror, she could no longer see the girl who grew up from a war-stricken country. It’s as if the horrors of hard life in North Korea was removed from her whole being when she got rid of the unwanted hair growth in her body. I felt truly happy for her although I never thought that a simple hair removal product I shared with a friend could impact her life that much.

Stop The Bombs Donation Support & Event Reminders

The Stop the Bombs campaign is a series of anti-nuclear weapons events sponsored by the (OREPA) Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance. We primarily focus on the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Plant in Oak Ridge, TN. While we specifically advocate US adherence to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and to Article VI of the US Constitution, we also advocate nuclear nonproliferation at the international level.

This is a simple reminder that your donations play an integral role in the sustainability and growth of the Stop The Bombs movement.  We want to thank those who have contributed to the cause and ask others who may be interested to consider a small donation as well.  Our mission will never change and we don’t waver in our ideals.  We hope that the future is a bright one and we welcome like minded individuals to come out and show support even in a non-monetary fashion.

Our upcoming stops include the following:

July 2-3 French Lick, Indiana

We will have our usual tent set up and all members are encouraged to attend.  James Lighty will perform some spoken word and health expert Brendon Thadeus will demonstrate some security software used by bloggers and journalists who need a fake ip simply to protect their liberty when posting.

July 24 Sherevport, Louisiana

Elmer (Slim) Jackson is going to give us an exclusive look inside the ’Cooking For The Cause’ non violent future of cooking series.  We will be setting up the day before the event and would greatly appreciate any volunteers that may be able to help us.

August 3-5 Grant Park, Illinois (Lollapalooza)

While attendance and entry into the show is not free, we will have discount vouchers for every member that stops by the tent as well as a surprise celebrity appearance that won’t be revealed until the show starts;)  This is a festival of non-violence that the Stops The Bombs coalition has been attending since the venue became a mainstay of Grant Park, Chicago in 2005.  If you are going to stop out and see a STB demonstration, this would be the one to attend.  Great music, gourmet food, great energy.

Beginning in September we will be voting on the leadership for the upcoming year.  We will have self addressed forms mailed out to existing members before the month is over and the positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and two support staff members.  Leadership positions are held for two consecutive years and you cannot serve consecutive terms in the same position.  Allison and Grace have done a fantastic job to date and we have enjoyed record member growth with the two of them at the helm.

We want to thank all new and old members for their continued support.  Without you, the message vanishes into thin air and the world loses site of what is really important.  Nuclear nonproliferation is something that all nations should continue to support and the message of killing for peace is a message that endangers our lives and the lives of our children.  Continue to meet violence with non violence and be steadfast in your ideals and morals and the rest will always take care of itself.

Here’s to a wonderful future!

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Wine Regions and War?

It’s interesting that there are so many theories on how and why certain countries end up at war with one and other as neighbors, while others do not.

One of the interesting suggestions is about economic ties.  Certainly way and beginning to drop bombs doesn’t seem like as good of an idea, if it might cost your country $Billions of dollars, right?

That’s probably why countries which trade extensively with each other don’t end up at war.  I mean, can you really imagine the United States invading Canada?

That’s another great reason that we should all hope that the European Union continues to be as strong as possible as time goes by.

One of my good friends owns a wine of the month club and while he agrees with the premise, he thought there might be a simplier solution.  He said they could simply make the border regions between countries a bit more of a blur in terms of space.  Then, how do you say, this place is doing something terrible if it is really just a transition into your own culture and not a dramatic swing?  Realistic? No, but an interesting thought.