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The War on Poverty

War is a part of our human history. There had been a lot of wars that we have dealt with for the past decades already. And up to this very day, there are still different kinds of wars that we are dealing with. We have wars between countries, wars within countries and wars with each other. All these wars involve hurting one another. But war is not only about guns, tanks, soldiers and the like; there are also those wars that don’t require deadly weapons. We have bigger problems and there is a greater war that needs more attention. And that is the war against poverty.

Poverty leads to other unfortunate events. Poverty can lead to hunger, illnesses, crimes and even deaths. Africa may be the most affected country when it comes to poverty. There are a lot of starving kids in Africa. There are a lot of ill and dying people in Africa. The people there are so poor that they don’t even have the basic means of living. If in the first world countries they are enjoying clean running water, in Africa there is scarce clean water. In developed countries they have the most modern smartphones, the latest fashion trends or make-up kits or hair removal devices, the coolest cars, the biggest televisions, the most comfortable beds, the most durable homes and the best way of living, in Africa these things are only seen in films.

Poverty is a war we need to win. In most third world countries, life is very difficult. People on these poor nations would rather buy themselves foods rather than the latest gadgets. People on these countries don’t need jewelries, they don’t need fancy clothes, they don’t need sports cars or even luxurious lives. What they need is basically food.

But winning against poverty is not that easy. It takes time and a lot of effort. A friend of mine often makes a strange but quite tell analogy and says that war against poverty is similar to the war she wages against body hair. Click here hear what she says from the horses mouth but to summarize – in both cases it takes time to get the results you desire. The process maybe a bit long, but the outcome will be all worth it. It will make your skin smoother and will eventually eliminate all the unwanted hairs. This is the same with fighting poverty. We need to do a lot of work to end poverty. It may take some time before we can see the changes, but it is better than no results at all. We can eliminate all the causes of poverty by working together.

We must join one another to end poverty. We need to help one another to stop these unnecessary wars and just focus on helping our fellow human beings who have bigger problems. We need to focus on other important concerns such as human sufferings due to poverty.

The world would be a better place to live in if we are all united. We live on one planet; therefore it is our responsibility to help one another; whether they are our countrymen or ally or enemy, whether he is black or white or Asian. Be a better individual and offer a hand if you are able to do so. If you want to make donations, please visit this website.


Terrorizing the Weak

 I’ve recently read an article about shaving on this website – Then I remembered the story about David and a long-beard Goliath.

Recently there was a tension between the Philippine and China, again. The territorial claims have again been blown out of proportion. The territorial claims started many years ago and yet it hasn’t been resolved. Over the past months the territorial disputes have gained more attention both from the Chinese and Philippine governments. There are also other countries claiming the islands in the South China Sea particularly the Spratly’s Islands. However, it seems that China is more aggressive when it comes to the Philippines. Maybe because the Philippines is just a developing country and has no capability to defend its territories. Unlike other claimants like Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam that have more advance military equipment. It’s like a war between David and Goliath with a very long beard that needs a lot of shaving. Goliath definitely needs to “groom” properly. There is no doubt that China is more powerful than the Philippines, but does it have the right to terrorize other smaller countries?

Same goes true with the United States and some Arab countries. It has declared war against Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Israel. The world’s most powerful country is spending a lot of money for what? To end the terrorism? Or does it have other agendas such as oil explorations?

Then there’s the uprising in Syria. There is a civil war in Syria. Again, Syria is involved in a different war. We can recall that Syria was also involved in a war against Israel and Turkey before. The government dispute in Syria is just causing hysteria to its people. What’s worse is it is also causing a lot of deaths.  For more news and information about the civil war in Syria, visit

The point is, it doesn’t mean that if you have military capabilities that you should already start a war. We are all better than this. We may have different nationalities, or we belong to different countries or speak different languages, but we are still the same human beings. War should not be the answer to any misunderstandings. War is not the solution to a problem. Instead of thinking of better solutions to our problems, we are just making it worse. With war, no one is a winner. A country may overpower other countries, but it doesn’t make it the victor. War will only cause more confusion, more deaths, more money and time wasted.

Strong countries should not in any way terrorize smaller or poorer countries. They should even help in the developments of these smaller countries. Being a powerful country is not a license to terrorize the weak. 


Bombs and Wine in Israel

There have always been statistics about who is likely to go to war with who, that was the idea of the United Nations orginially, if countries shared something in common they wouldn’t be likely to try and kill each other.

I mean, can you really imagine the United States and Canada at war with each other?  Stupid idea huh?

Anyway, given the rise of tensions seemingly year after year in Israel, it stands to reason that bringing together Israeli’s and Palestinean’s makes a ton of sense.  A premium wine club that we talked with last week told us that the Golan Heights was capable of creating world class wine.  Instead of fighting the occupation forces, I wonder if some economic cooperation in the region could help these two countries and people to get along quite a bit better.  What do you think?

Troops Lacking The Basic Equipment

Being based in the UK I here stories all the time regarding our troops based out in Afghanistan and if you weren’t anti war before hearing the conditions the soldiers are expected to work in will want you to have them withdrawn straight away.

Reports were recently published that one mother had to buy basic equipment for her son when he was deployed in Afghanstan as she stated the government didn’t provide the stuff that was a basic necessity. She purchased new boots that were suitable for desert use, webbing and jackets that were of a higher quality.

It seems crazy to think in this day and age that our troops would be sent to war with sub standard quality equipment. The plus point though is that they can receive parcels from friends and family at home such as e cigarettes, toiletries, food items and clothing. We would all much rather see the war stopped and our troops brought home, lets hope that happens soon.