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Preparing for War

Going to war takes a lot of preparations. One does not simply go to war because he or she wants to. Learn more on how to join the army on this website. There are certain training programs and tests that need to be passed before a soldier is permitted to go to war. The training programs for soldiers are very difficult. Not all who signed up to be soldiers will become soldiers. Some will eventually quit due to intense and strict training programs.

That is why almost all soldiers have great figures. All soldiers are required to work-out for months to build their stamina and strengthen their endurances. I’ve read in an Insanity Workout review that you can be at your best figure in just 60 days. Soldiers probably follow this certain training program or even do more to be at their best conditions. This is all part of being a soldier. You need to be very fit to become a warrior. These soldiers work really hard to be able to last long in wars.

The government is spending a lot of money so that soldiers can go to wars. It is just ironic that we are preparing for war yet what we want is world peace. These soldiers are always the ones who are sacrificing their lives for the wrong decisions made by our leaders. They are willing to leave their beloved ones just to go to these unnecessary wars. I know that it is the duty of these soldiers to protect the nation and its people, but it doesn’t mean that they should always be the ones to take the bullets for these leaders that are only making things more complicated. 

Soldiers have lives too. They also have dreams and goals. Sending them to war does not resolve the problems. It only makes things worse. War is not the answer to misunderstandings. There are better options. Soldiers may be tough and strong, but they also have feelings. War is not something we need. If we want world peace, then stop preparing for war. 

Wine, Bombs and Berkeley

I have a cousin attending UC Berkeley and after visiting it made me think of this site and the dramatic affect it could have on a few regions of this country.  First, it’s pretty clear, we need to advocate for peace in the same way that the city of Berkeley does on a daily basis.

Secondly, is it possible to advocate for peace in the same way that they do for wine and their favorite foods?  For some reason the Gourmet Ghetto as it is often called has helped things like the Slow Food movement spread really quickly, while peace is still trying to catch on.

Weird don’t you think?

What the Silver Screen Tells Us About the Drug War

We’ve all heard about “the war against drugs” that rages across the globe, claims the lives of innocent people, and has the ability to raise up and destroy financial empires.  For those of us on the outside, it’s hard to fathom what goes on in the inner workings of the drug trade and how ending it can be so elusive.  New Jersey GOP candidate Chris Christie was recently quoted as saying: “The war on drugs, while well-intentioned, has been a failure.”

Hollywood has taken it upon itself to educate the masses about the drug war — certainly with some bias thrown in, but it has helped movie-goers see what is at stake.  Here are some of my favorites:

*Traffic (2000)

*Cocaine Cowboys (2006; a documentary!)+

*Rush (1991)

*American Gangster (2007)

These all provide a fascinating glimpse into the drug war and some of the problems that exist in the attempt to eradicate it.  (+ = recommendation provided by Jessica of Mira Oil hair products)

Social Media, Championing the Cause of Nuclear Disarmament

Social media has moved from strength to strength to assemble an enviable clientele that could easily be over millions in number. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have enabled people to don a digital avatar, and exude shades of personalities, that they were unable to do. However, what is worth noticing that social media has evolved from a mere platform for socializing to a surrogate advertising medium.

This trend has of recently gained considerable traction among corporate companies, fuelled by a multitude of success stories. By and by, charity organizations and concerned individuals started using Facebook and Twitter as a medium to promote various humanitarian causes. With the time dedicated religiously by people to social networking, these causes can be sure of hitting the bull’s eye. One such cause that has been catching everyone’s eye on social networking sites is nuclear disarmament.

•The use of nuclear energy definetly has its pros and cons. Nuclear energy is used worldwide for a host of purposes that have facilitated the well being of the society. Chief among these uses is electricity production. In the face of the never ending energy crisis, nuclear energy serves as a sustainable source of energy, rescuing the world out of the impending energy shortage.

•However, a greater misuse of nuclear power, that overshadows the pros, is its use in the form of nuclear weapons. These weapons are capable of massive destruction, unseen till date. It is because of these fatally serious consequences, that people all over the world vehemently oppose nuclear weapons. This war against nuclear weapons has conquered the social media due to its dire nature. Notwithstanding the fervidity, the movement often loses steam before making a considerable impact on the concerned authorities.

MassiveSplash, an internet marketing company, with its cutting edge marketing techniques, gives these movements the drive that they lack to find audience. The fight of nuclear disarmament, can gain an unparalleled edge, that will help it gain traction among the power echelons and help the movement get its long due attention.

Social Networking for Protestors

It is generally acknowledged that the big social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter played some part in the various Arab uprisings over the last year or two.  In fact these sites were vital for relaying information in and out of the countries involved.  However there are numerous problems with relying on these sites so much.  For one it’s very easy to block access to these sites within a country.  Most despotic regimes have the capability to ensure  that people can’t visit a particular site.


This perhaps is the least of the problems with dealing with social media in such a country.   You can be sure that if the East German Stasi were still around today blocking access to Twitter would be the last things on their minds.  There is increasing evidence that countries like Iran and China are also monitoring what happens on these sites.  Imagine you pick up and identify a leading protestor and gain access to their Facebook account – you’d soon have a huge list of Friends who are posting in the same country.  Pick up their IP addresses and you have their location too – how to round up enemies of a regime quickly and easily.

It is why many of the protestors in some of the most dangerous countries use anonymity tools and techniques like found on this site –  Using a series of secure proxies to hide or change your true IP address is one way to protect yourself online.  It enables people to write blogs, send emails and organise protests with a higher degree of safety.  Of course there are still significant dangers but at least one of the simpler ways that a regime can track people down is avoided in part.

There are other security programs available for free to help in these situations. One of my favorite is a little app in the Android store that obscures peoples faces automatically in photos.  Many people have been picked up by security forces simply because they happened to appear in a photo taken at a protest somewhere!

Live Peacefully With No Worries At All

From the smallest problem of our country up to the biggest issue, we can’t deny the fact that living peacefully is always involved. Yes, we always hear about crime rates that are always increasing and aside from that, the more worst that comes into the biggest issue is all about war. Solving some small crimes from our locality can be very difficult to us, how much more when it comes to war ask professor Zoll from Oklahoma University? It is always been a perfect way of living life with no worries at all. It can be relaxing when we are sleeping at night without thinking anything like waking up in the middle of the night because we are worried that there might be a war. All of us are not wishing to have a way of living like this and we have to do something about this. In fact, war is a big problem from the past and until now; there is still no solution on how to stop this. Yet here are remedies done just to get rid of it in order not to happen but still few days, months or years, again the issue comes back as Zoll mentions in his writing about world peace, which you can take a sneak peek at on his blog here Click here for info on Zoll.

Government leaders are now being crazy on looking and seeking for the best solution for this just to live a peaceful life and be confident that there will be no war to happen again. We are really tired of the war because it destructs our daily living. It can be very relaxing if we are going to wake up early in the morning, prepare hot cup of coffee and then going to work peacefully. It is really a good and peaceful life routine compared on having difficulties to sleep at night and we don’t have enough sleep because we are worried of the war. When we are going to wake up in the morning ready for work, we don’t have enough sleep and worried on our way to work because there might be a war to happen.

This is now the time to stop war and live in a life with no worries at all. World peace will always be the first and foremost priorities to each one of us so that we will live our life free from any troubles and worries says Zoll, he even posted an anti war picture called hjertestarter here at Hjertestarter. There are assigned people who are called the peace keepers that are why we have to be calm but we don’t have to lend and depend on them always as we have also responsibilities in the society.   It doesn’t need any outside influence or stimulants like drugs or alcohol.  For those who do suffer for some sort of dependencies on alcohol particularly, there’s something called Selincro you can buy which helps.

Living a peaceful life should start first on our family. So, having a peaceful life with our family is the model to live into a peaceful life. After that, the society will be the next concern. We heard news nowadays that there are countries use to attack a certain country and war happens. So, this is the right time to think about on what will be the best solution in order to stop this very destructing issue. But before that, you need to have more knowledge in your life. Peace in mind comes first before you go for peace in life and then go much bigger aspect, peace in the world according to professor Zoll.