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Bombing in the Middle East Vineyards

Many people aren’t aware that the middle east grows a ton of grapes. In fact, most Americans only think that Isreal bothers to grow wine.  In fact, Egypt and virtually every island country like Greece and Cyprus tend to grow a ton of wine vines.

For those looking for wine gift baskets, that available wine growing regions makes a huge difference.  You can set up baskets with the famous foods from Greece, or the range of tapistries from Syria and have a truly memorable and histoic gift basket to give to your friends and family members.

War Memorial Unveiled in Sheffield

Two mothers who lost their sons in Afghanistan have unveiled a memorial in Sheffield.  The two soldiers wre Christopher Bridge and Steven Jamie Fellows who died in 2007 and 2009.  Their mothers raised an extimated £35000 to fund the memorial as a lasting symbol for the future.

It consists mainly of granite and actually contains a compass with a small teardrop pointer and the emblem of a dove of peace.  The memorial also honours the 69 World War 2 casualties who are buried in the cemetry at Shiregreen,

The Lord  Mayor John Campbell emphasised that this was not simply a physical memorial but also an example of how people can work together to provide some hope.  The two mothers raised the money through sponsored events and had some donations over the period of just under two years.  Both of the women said how it had helped them to cope with their grief and would continue to raise money for Service related charities in the UK.

You can see very good coverage of the War in Afghanistan in the BBC News and the Newsnight shows.  There are also a few very powerful Panorama episodes based in Kabul and Helmand Province.  If you have problems accessing the UK TV or the US one  shows using the internet – check out this.

It shows you how to access all British TV content quickly and easily.

U.S. Military Spending Remains High

According to this military pay chart and budget, military spending remains very high in the United States.

The U.S. military is divided into four sections: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Similarities between titles and pay grades are common to all four, except for the Air Force which does not have Warrant Officers. Also, in the Navy, the highest rank is Admiral rather than General.

A military pay chart posted online at breaks down the monthly salary range for each title. This amount is less than $1,500 to start with for a Private, Basic Airman, or Seaman recruit, all of which receive the same figure at this stage. The figures start to go up when these novices are promoted, but the amount by which they rise depends on experience. Also, the salary threshold for a most senior officer is the same regardless of which branch of the military one is discussing.

Pay scales are divided roughly into Privates, Seamen, and Airmen, all of whom must rise to their 4th title to break that $2,000 mark. From here, the next stage is a $3,000 barrier which takes only to the next promotion. This would be either to Corporal (Army and Marines), Staff Sergeant (Air Force), or Petty Officer 2nd Class (Navy). From here on in the increments are bigger until an officer reaches the position of Warrant Officer, if he takes on this role.

At this point, wages drop considerably, as though the officer is starting again. They rise slowly from Warrant Officer through four more stages. Then the process starts once more, with wages dropping at the point of 2nd Lieutenant. In the Navy, the second drop starts with the Ensign, after the highest order of Warrant Officer. Figures rise once more, reaching heights of up to $20,000 per month for the most senior officer in any of the four outfits if experience justifies the highest possible rate of pay.

The military pay chart is a matter of public knowledge, posted online for anyone who wishes to know how much money military figures are paid now and their salaries in years past. Reach back to the post-war years, around 1949, and compare figures. Access to these figures is useful, not just trivial knowledge.

Individuals seeking to join the military will find out how much they can expect to earn by achieving promotion in one of these U.S. forces. Also, students looking for research data will find details regarding this financial information, which can be correlated to historical figures they are studying so students are able to learn more about their lives and the potential hardships they might have faced (especially new recruits).

Along with financial information, there is also more to be learned by going directly to the pay chart website. Here you can discover more details about a career in the Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Army. Click on a particular class of officer to discover the job expectations and what it would take to earn promotion. Gain some historical insight into how these men and women have protected their country in numerous conflicts stretching back to the days of Revolution against the British.


Man vs Nature

Time flies so fast. The world has experienced a lot of things over the span of 50 years. There were good things and there were also bad events that took place over the past decades. 50 years ago is approximately 1960’s. During that time, the world was still adjusting and rebuilding from the recent World War II. It was not necessary the most peaceful era, but it was the start of something better. It was the start of a new world. It was actually a good time to rebuild a world that has full of potentials. Learn more about WWII on this website.

50 years ago, we had an abundant source of natural resources. We had everything we needed back then. The world was still rich with natural resources. Unfortunately, we now have scarce resources today. With limited natural resources we have right now, there is a tendency that we could end up having another World War again. This is because nations would have to fight for the remaining or the available natural resources we can have today.

50 years is not actually a long time. If in the span of 50 years man had managed to consume or use all the natural resources, what would then be left for the future generations 50 years from now? Probably nothing. The world would become more chaotic, more people would experience hunger, we would have polluted skies, contaminated bodies of waters/seas and so on. This is the scenario that is awaiting us. If we do not do anything today, we would suffer in the end. We should be responsible enough to restore Mother Earth. We did this to her, therefore we should do whatever it takes to revive her.

Restoring Earth should be everybody’s mission. We can still make it better; we just need to work together. This is the war we need to win. If we lose, we will suffer all the consequences. We should make the world a better place once again. We must work really hard to save the present and the future. The world will eventually die soon, so why even contribute to making it worse.

Most people are very busy nowadays. We have a lot of concerns; financial, health, work, family matters and so on. Some people are even busy becoming sexy and achieving great figures. I too have also tried working out and I am very happy with the results. I have done the insanity workout program and I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the results. The insanity workout results for women are really amazing. I have tried the fitness program myself and it is very effective. You can really trim down or lose weight in just 60 days; it is simply amazing. But back to the main issue. The point is, if we can dedicate 60 days of intensive workout, why can’t we also dedicate 60 days to restore Mother Earth. 60 days may be a short time to restore and help Mother Nature, but it would really make a big impact for the present and future generations. We need to do whatever it takes to accomplish this mission. Save Mother Earth, and she will save us too.