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Recent Poll Revealed that Egyptians Want Nuclear Weapons

There is a poll conducted recently showing that Egyptians have raised their views positively about both their neighbor country Iran and them obtaining nuclear weapons, believing the importance of increasing their military power.

Half of the 812 polled citizens, which are women, are being conducted through face-to-face interviews sponsored by a pro-Israel advocacy organization named the Israel Project. With reference to the poll, Iran is favorably viewed, with more than 65% expressing support on the idea to renewing relations between the two countries, and another 61% showing support on the nuclear project by Iran. This shows a huge increase from the 41 percent polled in August 2009.

Many of the polled Egyptians highlighted the needs for their country to have their own nuclear bomb, which is a very scary thought, being in this part of the world which is so turbulent currently. This is a very danger embrace of Iran, with the Egyptians showing support for Tehran in building nuclear weapons. In view of their own domestic economic woes, Egyptians should be more concern of improving their economy rather than focusing on nuclear bombs. In the current economic state, business owners will need to cut down on their budget, and one way is to save on their hosting with a hostgator coupon, thus allowing them more funds for other business expenses.

Visit the Imperial War Museum

If you’re ever in London and have any interest in history in general and war impaticularly, then I urge you to visit the Imperial War Museum.

The museum isn’t just a dull collection of weapons and miltary memoribilia, it tells the stories of those people who’s lives were changed by war.  THere’s a great exhibition based on a familiy’s experience – which showed the reality of life for those left behind during the World Wars.

There’s another exhibition dedicated to the horrors of the holocaust – which demonstrates the Nazi persecution and extermination of the Jews during the 2nd World War,  There are thousands of photos. documents, artefacts and films which together with the real life testimonies make a moving and shocking story.

If you go now, (Oct 2012) until the end of the year.  You can find an exhibition of one of Britain’s most famour photographers Cecil Beaton.  He actually worked as a wartime photographer for the Ministry of Information and this shows some of the amazing pictures he took during the war years.

There  is also a documentary about Cecil Beaton which you can catch if you’re quick on  the BBC.  Fortunately people can now watch the BBC Iplayer abroad now (see here – ) and enjoy the quality entertainment by using a proxy server to access it. This makes you look like you’re based in the UK by using a British IP server and IP address, works a treat !!  Watch this video if you want to see more.

World Peace Begins In You

It is impossible to bring up all the advantages of developing a relaxing and western world, but without a doubt, the Individuals will be the significant benefactors and since they function the government authorities, perception techniques, and organizations those techniques will also advantage. For their initiatives in developing a civil and relaxing Drejebænk. The Individuals will receive a worldwide level of legal individual privileges and rights for those individual privileges that no government or others can ever take away. In a relaxing world there are no opponents, so there is no need to live in worry of war, which indicates our government authorities will have no explanations to develop and maintain large and highly effective army causes that are sometimes used to concept over or bully individuals. In a relaxing world the government authorities will no more be engaged with protecting their nation.

Just think about how many foreign interaction problems that resolves. Since there will be no need to be army extremely abilities in a relaxing and western world, the government authorities can move to be financial, technical, and academic highly abilities that will offer solutions and resources for this whole world. Those sectors that were part of the army assistance techniques would need to transformed to sectors that are supported and backed up by our government authorities that research and develop new techniques for military use, transport, and upcoming enhancements that advantages anyone. The significant organizations and businesses would gain because World peace would bring success for all individuals by developing a financial growth in this world like we have never seen before. The demand for all goods and solutions would start up all over this world mainly because when there is no more any profit in war and the only position to invest is in areas that offer goods and solutions for those.

Imagine how many nations need new or modified facilities techniques, such as the building of medical centers, academic institutions, homes, roadways, railways, international airports, industries, farming, stores, dining places, and all the assistance techniques to keep these factors performing. All the significant organizations are looking for new markets to do business in and now they would have the whole world start and available for their items. It is not hard to suppose this financial growth long-lasting Drejebænk into the long run. The perception techniques will advantage by the point that anyone are free and have a right to praise as they choose. In a western world it would be required that the perception techniques come together and embrace a doctrine of peace and regard between all perception techniques based on the fact that there is only one God and perception is only a method for praise and serve that one God.

Finally, in the relaxing and western world, the liability for that job will be distributed similarly by all nations through equivalent contribution in the international peaceful company. The advantages of residing in a peaceful, serene and western world for everyone far exceeds anything we have now.