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The No-To-War Yes-To-Peace Campaign

In light of recent violent events documented all around the world, a group of concerned young professionals have united to form the No-To-War Yes-To-Peace Foundation. These young professionals felt quite bothered by news of violence that has affected innocent lives in different areas around the world. Moved by compassion, they decided to organize themselves and attempt to help alleviate some of the suffering caused by war through their foundation. The spokesperson for the foundation, Mr. Michael Pearce, was quoted as saying, “This is our own little way of trying to promote world peace, stop violence, and ease some of the suffering that war brings. We believe that each one of us has a role to play in bringing peace in our world. We hope that through our foundation’s efforts, less people will have to endure the suffering caused by war and other concerned citizens will be given a chance to help in their own way.”

The foundation will hold several fund-raising activities in the coming weeks wherein the proceeds will be used to help the innocent victims of war such as women and young children. Funds will be used to provide food, clothing, and shelter to key areas that have been ravaged by war.

Their first activity will be a Run For Peace Marathon that will be held on October 20th in Seattle. This marathon will be open to both amateur and professional runners and will include several categories, namely, the 3K, the 5K, and the 10K run. The No-To-War Yes-To-Peace Foundation will also be holding a series of fund-raising seminars focusing on the different workouts that are available to people nowadays. This is in recognition of the growing interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The officials of the foundation revealed that they believe that more people will be likely to attend a fundraising event if they will be given a chance to learn more about different workouts that can help them achieve a healthier body. The seminars will feature a p90x review among others.

Aside from the different workouts, the seminars will also feature several lectures regarding healthy eating. Some of the recipes that will be featured may be found on this website.

Rockets Don’t Solve Disputes

Sometimes it looks very much like an argument between five year olds, yet this is much more deadly.  In the Gaza, Hamas are insisting that rocket attacks on Israel will only cease when the gates to the land are opened up.  There arsenal is probably more significant than it has been in years bolstered by weapons from Israel’s many enemies.  Of course Israel is scared that what would flow into Gaza is simply more weapons.

It seems incredible but apparently public opinion in Gaza seems to support continued rocket attacks on Israel.  It might seem crazy to us, but so many in Gaza have lost loved ones and see little hope, revenge and their hatred of Israel is all that remains for many.  But as the rockets fly across to Israel they also fly back into Gaza with devastating effect.

There looks to be no let up in the Israeli bombing campaign which although described as a surgical attack on Hamas military targets, is nonetheless killing many innocents including lots of children.  Israel bombs the homes of high ranking Hamas officials, who of course have children in many cases.

There are reasons to fear that Hamas will battle on, it has been largely isolated in previous years.  However due to the Arab Spring it now has many more potential allies including crucially the peacemaker in the area Egypt.  A ceasefire will have to happen at some point, how many civilians will die before it happens is the worry.  We are not sure of the exact situation in Gaza, many reporters are having to use proxies and vpns like these – in order to get information out.  Others worry that Israel will start to filter internet access to and from the area.


Modern Technology Enables Financial Freedom for Disabled

If you’re disabled then modern technologies and applications level the playing field when it comes to planning your financial future.  Applications such as this compound interest calculator enable you to plan your financial future from the comfort of your own home.  There are of course many of these applications available online, however it’s important to use one in the same country that your investment is based in.  Obviously interest rates, laws and regulations vary greatly across geographic barriers so for example I have to use a UK IP proxy in order to ensure I can access UK sites when I’m abroad.

The compound interest calculator included in most webpages only allows straightforward calculation of the final amount, which is the primary interest of the depositor or the creditor. Since a compound interest scheme involves the same set of quantities for every calculation including the principal amount, the annual nominal interest rate, the number of times the account is compounded per year, and the total number of years, the quantities in the formula can be rearranged so that another quantity of interest can be calculated instead of the usual final amount.

These rearrangements of quantities add more functionality to the compound interest calculator. A particularly important application will be to determine the number of years required to double the principal amount. For instance, the number of years required to reach a final amount of $20,000 from a principal amount of $10,000 at 7% compounded quarterly can be determined. Entering into the compound interest calculator the necessary quantities, the number of years required is 9.9885. In actual scenario, this can be rounded off to 10 years. The effective annual interest is also provided, which is 7.19%. This rate is the nominal version of the compound interest scenario.

For the lender who has control over the interest rate imposed on a certain transaction, he might be interested about determining this quantity so that a particular amount is doubled after a certain number of years. For instance, the situation has the conditions that the principal amount is $10,000 and the desired final amount is $20,000 to be reached at 15 years compounded quarterly. By entering these quantities into the compound interest calculator, the interest rate to be imposed is 4.65%. Equivalently, the effective annual rate is calculated to be 4.73%.

For the depositor who has flexibility on deciding the principal amount to be deposited under a specified set of conditions, he may adjust the principal based on the amount he desires to earn after a certain period. If the depositor wants to grow his money to $20,000 after 5 years at 7% interest rate compounded quarterly, then he must deposit $14,136.49 at the beginning of the term. From this scheme, he has earned an income of $5,863.51 by the end of the term.

The compound interest calculator with reverse calculation functions can solve a great variety of investment-related problems. Being able to project various quantities such as initial and final amounts, interest rate, or number of years helps the investor decide for the most favorable conditions.

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Libya, Syria and Agriculture

Working in the wine industry has given me something of a unique perspective on the Middle East.  While most people only see religious fundamentalism and extremes, I see one of the great hopes for an industry that I love.

Let me explain.  Most of us know that Iraw and much of Mesopotemia has been accepted as the ancestral home of farming.  The Middle East still boats a classic Meditterean climate, which has helped Spain, France and italy to grow some of the best grapes in the world.  As a member of one of the best wine clubs around, I’m frankly pretty excited about the possibility of another region joining those old world producers in crafting high quality wine.  As you might expect, yes there are some problems growing grapes for wine in the region because of religious feelings and local culture, but as we often see…economics are foremost for most people and growing grapes is pretty easy in these climates and return 15x as much money per acre as other fruit like apples.

I specifically mentioned Syria and Libya because they might be the countries most in need of a economic infusion and traditionally have been among the most willing to accept change.