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Peace Through Education

According to most students, the only way peace can be established and maintained is through education.  Most students agree that we need to do away with the threats of bombing one another and instead work to understand each other and thereby attain peace.  So how do we promote education?  One way is to measure academic performance by using a gpa calculator that gives a student an instant snapshot of their progress and performance.

Preparing for college can be a traumatic process. The high-schooler must make a number of major decisions in a short period of time. Some of those decisions will influence his path later on, making it easier and harder to do things later on. Some decisions can be held off, but others must be decided quickly; some decisions close off other paths, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  There can sometimes be simply too much choice, especially if you use a fast vpn and start looking at international options.  There is one indicator that will be very important over the next few years of high school, and that’s the student’s grade point average, and there are numerous GPA calculators out there that can help.

There are some ways to manipulate the GPA, but they all have some limitations. The best way is to take honors classes; these are harder classes, usually college level, that are treated as one grade higher (a “B” is treated as an “A” for GPA calculations) and allow for the possibility of a GPA greater than a 4.0. If you can take some classes that are within your planned major, especially if you have some talent for them, is another way to up your GPA. Be aware that different schools have different classes that they allow or disallow; a GPA calculator can help you figure that out, but remember that if a class does not count towards a particular school’s calculations it may be a class you can relax a little in.

Keep in mind that GPA is not everything. Some schools look for extra-curricular activities, and if you choose the right ones they allow you some relaxation, and you will need it. Some also allow you access to other scholarships,  as well as other GPA-earning activities. Using a GPA calculator can help you navigate the maze of which classes and activities can help you, so just remember to relax, have a little fun, and focus on what you want to be or where you want to go.

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Middle East Peace Some Day

Stopping the bombs between Israel and Palestine should not be this difficult should it?  Here’s why I say that, quite simply every American administration as well as every international body has made peace in the middle east among its top goals.

So here’s the main issue, according to me at least.

First, you’ve got a bunch of bad neighbors.  Now I don’t mean to say that these countries are bad in some real way, but goverments have been anything but stable of late right? Syria is in a state of Civil War.  Lebanon saw its government fall completely.  Jordan has what amounts of a Constitutional Dictator. It’s a mess huh?

Thousands More Die in Syria

As the world turns it’s gaze towards the Korean peninsula in Syria people are still dying as the conflict ploughs on.  The war has been going on for two years, but the violence looks to be far from over in fact it continues to escalate.  The figures for March say that over six thousand people died in that month alone.  This figure is equal to the total of the first nine years of the conflict.

The Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition group fear that these levels will continue and perhaps rise.  They state that there is little prospect of a political solution and their goal of democracy in Syria doesn’t look any nearer.

The figures could indeed be much, much worse.  The six thousand and five people represent confirmed deaths, they do not include thousands who have gone missing – kidnapped or help in secret detention centres.  There is little doubt that the intensity of the fighting is escalating.

The opposition is gradually getting hold of weapons themselves and their ability to fight back is growing.  The overall death toll from the conflict is estimated to be well over 70,000 by the United Nations however we are unlikely to know the true figures.  There is also the concern that the spreading conflict is interfering with humanitarian aid.  Warehouses and trucks of the Aid organisations mostly contain urgently required food aid are often caught in the crossfire.

The Syria Government although under intense pressure doesn’t look like being defeated anytime soon.  They still have a powerful force and control the majority of the country’s infrastructure.  The protestors still have difficulty organising themselves and communicating particularly as the ruling regime heavily monitor and filter the internet and telecoms network.  Many are forced to use anti-surveillance systems and post online using pseudonyms and German and European proxies like these –

For unbiased news, they frequently use the same technology to access the BBC, NBC and ABC media sites using methods like in this page here –

Nobody can predict what the future holds for the people of Syria.  Yet those initial protests on the back of the Arab Spring uprisings seem an awful long time ago So do the ideals of democracy and freedom that the protesters called for.