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Decrease Military Spending and Reduce Public Debt

We should encourage our governments to decrease their spending on military and start focusing on improving the financial health of their citizenry.  We should encourage our people to use online tools like this loan calculator to get a handle on personal debt:

Newlyweds and those who are successful in their career are considering a car loan or a mortgage loan. These are major steps and reveals the desire to demonstrate independence and maturity when it comes to personal finances. Nevertheless, a great number of people are not aware how to deal with the requirements of a house loan or auto loan. Prospective clients find it hard to spend so much time reading the forms and the fine print in the agreement. Many are intimidated when it comes to making calculations because they know that a mistake in this area could create a chain reaction of problems that may lead them to a financial hole. They do not want people to know that they struggle in this area.

Most banks and lending institutions try their best to reduce the fear factor by integrating helpful tools in the company’s websites. Nevertheless, prospective clients are not comfortable grappling with the requirements in a loan processing scheme. These companies must consider linking their website to PaymentBot, an online loan payment calculator service provider. It is also a way to attract potential clients.

The creators of PaymentBot are aware of the fact that a loan calculator is the only tool needed to have a clear picture of the financial aspect of the car or home loan. They are also mindful of the fact that a functional and effective loan calculator helps clients arrive at an accurate estimate of the cost of the loan and their monthly payments. The creator of PaymentBot understands the need for convenience and made sure that the client does not require the assistance of an accountant to figure out complex mathematical formulas. Thus, visitors to the PaymentBot site will find that the interest rate and other formulas are already integrated into the system making it easier for the user to concentrate on the loan amount.

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Israeli and Syria

Over the past few days, the Civil War in Syria has taken on an ominous new tone.  First, there are multiple reports of chemical weapons being used by both sides. Where rebels would have gotten chemical weapons isn’t exactly clear, unless of course the Syrian Regime had them and then had part of the scientific community or military defect to the rebels and take the weapons with them.

Secondly, Israeli has bombed targets within Syria.  The Israeli’s don’t say much about this stuff but the intent seems clear-keeping weapons out of the hands of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Basically the region is in bad shape once again and stands to become a complete and utter mess if we aren’t careful.