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Turkish Protests Gather Steam

The number of injured is starting to climb as the Turkish protests enter their fourth day.  There are many reports suggesting over a thousand people in Istanbul alone have been injured with hundreds more in the other major cities.  Many of the casualties have been blamed on the very aggressive response from the Turkish police who have used tear gas and high powered water cannons.  There are also some reports of deaths on social media sites but these have not been confirmed anywhere officially.

In the suburb of Besiktas, the area looked more like a battlefield – many protestors and police facing each other in a stand off. The police and army have already assigned a cordon around the Prime Minister’s office as crowds began to multiply there.  Although the protest started on a very small scale and was focussed against the destruction of one of Istanbul’s last parks the protest has moved on from then.  This was partly due to the hugely over the top reaction of the police who used tear gas and water cannons against a small peaceful protest – a mistake many aggressive rules have made over the years.

It seems now the portest is centred against the growing Islamisation of the country.  These include worries about womens rights and laws being assigned against alcohol and other non-mulsim behaviour.  Turkey has a very young population who have grown up and are worried about the increasing erosion of their rights.

There are now hundreds in police custody and the protests have spread to Turkey’s biggest cities. The Prime Minister has also been heavily criticised for the apparent censorship of some of the country’s media who seem to be under instruction to under play reporting of the protests.  Increasing censorship has also been a worry for the people of Turkey – if you need to get access to the Turkish media channels you may need to use a Turkish proxy server or software to hide your IP address.  Although there is better coverage on the various social media sites which the Prime Minister thinks are so evil like Twitter.  Funny how people in power always seem to dislike things that allow communication!

It may change but the censorship list grows longer by the month, the high profile blocks like Youtube and Facebook didn’t last long (and were circumvented easily – see this)