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Latest News On The Year 2013

The news nowadays comes into different kinds. There are news about health, showbiz, sports, politics and a lot more. The most trending news today is the herre ure. This talked about watches. Watches become trending that makes it connected to the people’s lifestyle. No matter what kind of news is it, it would still be related and become connected to our daily lives and daily activities. With the various kinds of news which getting the attention of the society, it will still last. 2013 is about to end and we will be welcoming the New Year 2014. But, we need to open our eyes on the possible news today which will still be present until 2014 and remained unsolved. So, it is better to know that news which might not be resolved on today’s present year in order to start a fresh New Year of 2014. The depth coverage and breaking news will always still be on the headlines especially if the issue has no result. With the stories presented on photos and videos, you can easily get an idea on what is the news about and how does it affects the whole world. No matter what, we need to be aware on the latest news especially when it can affect our lives and to the world. This is the only idea so that we will be aware on the current events.

We heard news about health. Health is vital in man’s life and this should always be delivered as headlines. We should be meticulous when it comes onto our health. Of course, there are numbers of concerns when it comes onto the health of an individual. Being careful and wise on any decisions that would affect the entire health is essential. Therefore, news that is being broadcast about health is very helpful. This will always remind us that we should take cared our body to protect our health.

Showbiz is a part of news. People are always keeping on following show business. It is a part of entertainment and we can’t deny the fact that we all love entertainment. We usually seek for an entertainment in order to relief our stress or to spend our leisure time together with our family and friends. Thus, this makes connected to the latest news on the year 2013. The herre ure is one of the best entertainments that get millions of votes this year. The watch is the main cast which makes the movies perfect. Show business will always be connected into our lives especially because we all love entertainments with no age limit of course.

Sports are a form of physical activity which will improve the speed, capacity, skills of a person especially on improving the physical and mental aspect of its life. With sports, many people like listening and watching news about the latest sports in 2013 such as the National Basketball Association game, World Boxing Organization and Soccer. The mentioned kinds of sports become trending in 2013 and always on the headlines.

Politics will never be absent when it comes into news. This is the most trending of all the news because this involves the leadership. You can read more about this latest news in 2013 when you read further on this article.


2014 American Military Pay

The American military is set to give its members another pay boost this year.  This 2014 military pay chart shows how the 1.0% proposed pay raise is set to affect military pay.

Wording that is used by Congress with regards to increases in military pay means that increases are only effective on January 1st each month. Congress uses specific wording in the yearly Military Appropriations Act as well as the Military Authorizations act. These two acts have to be passed by Congress, and the President is charged with the responsibility of signing the increases into law before the army can implement the increases.

The Military Appropriations Act ensures that money is set aside for this purpose. The Act is used to instruct the Department of Defense how to spend the money. The Defense Force is unable to issue any increases until both acts have been passed into the law.

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Any military personnel who live off base will receive an allowance each month which is to be used towards the cost of accommodation. This allowance is referred to as a BAH. Military members who reside on the base are entitled to free food, provided that they eat in the base dining room. Personnel who live off the base may eat in the base dining room. However, they will have to pay for every meal that they eat.

Occasionally, the military will send personnel to other bases and in this instance, a Family Separation Allowance is due. Family Separation Allowance is only payable to personnel who are separated from their children and or spouses. In order to qualify for the allowance, personnel have to be apart from their families for thirty days or more.

Army personnel who are ranked lowly are eligible for Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance.This is for personnel who would normally be eligible for food stamps. While personnel claim this tax-free perk, they are forbidden to claim for food stamps. When personnel are called away to combat, they also receive an allowance that is not taxed. In some cases, a certain portion of their other pay is not taxed either.

All army personnel are entitled to a yearly tax-free allowance to assist them with uniform maintenance. Army personnel which belong to the Reserves, and the National Guard receives a drill allowance. Allowances are paid for the amount of drills that personnel partake in. Higher ranking personnel receive more money than the lower-ranking personnel receive. The army also takes the length of service into account when determining these allowances.  You can use these allowances to purchase tools and services like a fast proxy which can be used to access local resources from overseas locations.

Should Reserves and National Guard members be deployed for more than thirty days, they are entitled to full Basic Housing Allowance. Members who are deployed for less than this amount of time will be remunerated in a different way. These soldiers will receive less money, and their allowance is known as a BAS RC/Transient allowance. Personnel who are ordered by the court to pay child support are given money based on the difference between dependent and single rate. The allowance is referred to as Differential Pay.

Army personnel who live in government quarters without any dependents do receive a Partial rate Basic Allowance. This is conditional on them living in barracks or dormitories and not being compensated with any other kind of housing allowance. Soldiers receive this money to compensate for the lowered standard of living that barracks provide to soldiers.

Flight compensation is available to personnel, which engage in more flight duties than other personnel. Should any personnel engage in hazardous or dangerous duties they will be compensated with a special monthly allowance. Members of the Navy who dive regularly also get compensated via an extra allowance. Divers should engage in training and be involved in assignments in order to qualify for this allowance. Career Sea Pay is payable to personnel who perform duties at sea. All Navy personnel who engage in submarine duty are eligible to receive Submarine Duty Pay.

Some of the higher-ranking officials in the army are entitled to a special Personal Money Allowance which they receive every month. It is interesting to note that army personnel that are responsible for dependents will be paid more money than their single counterparts. Army personnel are able to calculate how much money is due to them via online calculators. These systems are technologically advanced and allow personnel to access pay and leave statements at the click of a button. Personnel from all sectors of the army are able to determine how much money is due to them each month.

Even retirees are eligible for income, and they too can access this information via the Internet. Surviving spouses of retirees are also able to ascertain this information online. A website is available thanks to the Office of the Under Secretary for Defense for Personnel Readiness. They have created a website with an online calculator that is designed to calculate this information with accuracy.

Certain personnel possess special skills, which are beneficial to the army, and they are eligible for incentive bonuses. The Navy often employs personnel with these skills, and pays the personnel accordingly. Specialized and hazardous duties are compensated for as well.The Defense Force attempts to retain all personnel who are specialized in certain skills. At times when these skills are at a shortage, the army will offer special bonuses to ensure that the critical duties are carried out. This is known as the Selective Reenlistment Bonus and personnel can calculate this with the online calculator like other personnel can.    It is important that military personnel are assisted especially when working abroad in order to focus on their duties.  For example when deployed in NATO training exercises many personnel had to use a German proxy to encrypt their internet connections when engaged in online banking or accessing secure web resources

When personnel are deployed overseas, they are entitled to an Overseas Housing Allowance to cover the costs of private dwelling in that country. Soldiers use this money to pay towards moving, maintenance costs, utility and rent costs. Interested parties can access this information online from a website that the government has set up.

Army recruits are given a full set of clothing when they sign up for duty. Each year, the soldiers are issued with money to help with wardrobe maintenance. Personnel which are promoted to Chief Petty Officer will be given an extra allowance to assist with the cost of replacing their uniforms. Every year thereafter, they will be compensated in this way to replace any clothing. One advantage of receiving military pay is that there are numerous tax advantages.