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New Defense Secretary – General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis

The US stance on foreign affairs became a little clearer this week as Donald Trump announced his new Defense Secretary – ‘Mad Dog Mattis’.  Many might be a little concerned about that sort of nickname for one of the most powerful positions in the world, yet Donald Trump reveled in the nickname and perhaps indicated the coming administration’s international positioning.

BBC World News

It was a surprise announcement but only the timing as many had predicted that the Ex-General would be appointed next week.   Instead Trump decided to make it public during a rally in Cincinnati this week, the crowd were cheering as he made the statement.

So who is James Mattis? Well he;s a retired Marine general who made his reputation during the Iraq invasion of 2003 where he spearheaded the 1st Marine’s Divisions quick advance into Baghdad.   He has a good reputation as a military strategist although his techniques are often thought as more blunt and direct.

He has held some high levels of command, and was previously a commander of US Central Command the section of the military concerned with the Middle East.  His opinion on places like Iran is very hard line, more power and force than diplomacy.   He has previously accused the Iranian government of various crimes including a plot to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington DC.

The appointment though is not guaranteed as there is no automatic approval by the Senate because he has only been retired for three years.  Anything under seven years requires a Congressional Waver under a law implemented in 1947.   This will need to be considered by the Senate Armed Services Committee as the appointment is only a nomination until formally approved.

You can keep up with the latest updates by watching a US News Channel like NBC and ABC.   If you’re out of the country unfortunately these don’t work but you can access using a VPN or somethign like this Netflix Smart DNS solution.

Columbia Extend Peace Accord with rebels

There is hopefully good news for Columbia with the government expected to sign a new peace deal this week with the Farc rebels.

Many where wary that this wouldn’t happen, as a deal was previously rejected in a referendum last month. The Government took the approach of revising the deal instead of completely rejecting and the updated version will be submitted to Congress for their approval instead of a new vote.

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Opposition groups are unhappy because it leaves many rebels they believe escaping punishment for crimes and human rights abuse. However the reality is that it is the only viable route to ending almost 50 years of armed conflict in the country which has claimed the lives of more than a quarter of a million people.

It has taken over four years of negotiations between the government and rebels to reach that initial agreement which was concluded at the beginning of the year. Both sides actually signed the agreement before the world in Cartagena on the 26th September. However the President of Columbia – Juan Manuel Santos has pledged to allow the people of Columbia a say in the peace process too.

In a predecessor to shock votes in the West, the people narrowly rejected the agreement in the referendum among widespread shock. Both sides agreed to a peace fire in order to reconsider their positions and President Santos met one of the leading opponents to the deal in order to listen to the objections.

  • The result was a modified deal designed to combat the main objections to the peace deal –
  • The rebels must declare and release all their assets. This will primarily be used for compensation payments for the victims of the conflict
  • The points raised by religious groups about the agreement have been largely addressed.
  • There is a time limit set of 10 years for the transitional justice system.
  • Farc rebels will supply information about any drug smuggling activities they were involved in.
  • The peace agreement is not to be included in Colombia’s constitution

There is a real hope that the country of Columbia will now see some peace after years of violence and destruction.  Not only has  there been this civil war but as anyone who has watched the excellent Narcos on Netflix, drug violence has thrived in this environment.  The show is not available on all regions of Netflix so try this US DNS Netflix solution if you’re not able to see it.

The deal should now pass as although there is still some opposition the Government have a reasonable majority and some support from other parties.  The reality is that most Columbians are simply fed up of the war and violence that has become almost normal for the country.  Although many still would like to see punishment for some of the rebel’s atrocities it seems unlikely that they will ever agree to a deal which stipulates this.

Famous Pacifists – Nhat Hanh

Because liberty without responsibility isn’t true liberty. You don’t should talk as a way to teach. Have you ever done anything wherever your mind is solely with that specific activity. You may meditate on someone, and in case you have enough mindfulness and concentration, you can earn a breakthrough and understand the essence of that individual.

There’s an interruption. That is the reason why mindfulness is a wellspring of happiness and joy. It is vital to our practice. The practice may be pleasant, joyful.


Called Thay,” or teacher, by his followers, he’s particularly connected to the devoted custom of mindfulness. Right Concentration is turning the mind to concentrate on an object, for example a flower, or possibly a lit candle, or even a concept including loving compassion. From the start of my own out-breath to the end of my own out-breath, my mind is continually with it.

You’re not there in the current moment, living your existence deeply. Our mind could be caught before or later on, in regrets, sorrow, fear, or uncertainty, and so our mind isn’t there. If we’re aware of our life…, our way of taking a look at things, we’ll really know how to make peace right within the moment, we’re alive.” Be prepared to learn throughout our whole life and also to observe reality in yourself as well as within the world all the time.

Simply speaking, I was pursuing my very own agenda somewhere later on, not being fully within the present with him. You should live your own life mindfully and deeply. Meditate on the entire world into which you’re bringing new beings. Don’t lose consciousness of the existence of suffering within the life of the planet.

He was not permitted to return. You don’t think of days gone by anymore. In case your in-breath is short, let it be short. If is not done with some practice, we won’t have the capacity to step out of it.   Forget all the fake meditation shows and documentaries on TV that only work with a residential VPN service, they don’t work, you don’t need them.

Suppose you’re with a crowd of people contemplating a lovely sunset. I hope you will take some time to take a seat with one another, have tea with your buddies along with your loved ones, and discuss these things. If we take the clouds along with the rain from the flower, the flower won’t be there. With the eye of the Buddha, we’re able to view the clouds along with the rain within the flower.

Whenever your mind is there with the body, you’re established within the present moment. It’s a very elegant type of silence, an extremely powerful type of silence. By being within the moment and having the ability to concentrate effectively, an awareness of joy is the present time is felt. So even by simply taking the required time to develop into conscious of, and identify these unpleasant ideas and emotions is an enormous step!

As long as you are driving your vehicle, you might see the tension within your body. You don’t must interfere with your breathing. Breathing in, I’m aware of my own entire body. Breathing out, I’m aware of my own body.

So the 2nd exercise would be to follow your in-breath as well as your out-breath all of the way through. A thinking person uses the finger to view the moon. Somebody who only examines the finger and mistakes it for the moon won’t ever find the actual moon.” Permit your breath to happen.

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Tranquility and Relaxation: Netflix Block VPNs, Weber Press, 2016

Multinational Disarmament Talks

For many it’s seemed like an impossible dream for decades but last month a UN mandated panel called on the UN General Assembly to consider a groundbreaking proposal.  Multilateral negotiations on nuclear disarmament, although regrettably already being boycotted by the world’s nuclear armed countries.

The Open-Ended Working group on Nuclear Disarmament is chaired by a Thai ambassador called Thani Thongthakdi, has claimed that the proposal was a strong signal of support, but he too admitted that without the Nuclear nations involved there would be little impact.

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There were 68 votes for the proposal and 22 against, which at least recommends that efforts are made to at least attempt to launch these negotiations and include it on the agenda for discussion.  Unfortunately as ever most countries vote for their own priorities and it seems obvious that before these negotiations even start efforts must be made to include the nuclear powers.    Although legally the process would be uncertain it is likely any treaty adopted by non-nuclear armed powers would simply be ignored.

Many experts have suggested that these discussions could be directed at an incremental policy of disarmament.   Even implementing policies and agreements like ‘no first use’ would be a huge step to ridding the planet of these weapons of destruction.     Pressure to instigate this policy on the nuclear powers would be a positive step to banning their use without actually reducing levels of their arsenals.

The idea is popular among the pragmatic pacifists, simply because it starts to give up on the whole ideas that you can have a secure world by threatening to blow others up.  In the USA, President Obama has been considering implementing this policy before he leaves office.  However he has faced widespread criticism from many areas of American politics, and of course it is highly unlikely to be a Donald Trump type policy either.

Jane Williams

Author of Netflix Blocking Proxies, What Now?

Australia’s Longest Military Campaign

It’s interesting sometimes to see the perceptions of a war from other directions.  We all tend to be given a different version of events from a political standpoint depending where we happen to live.  However the internet gives us the chance to tip aside that curtain and view the news from another viewpoint.


One of those chances was out this month with a new documentary being aired on Australia’s ABC channel called Afghanistan: Inside Australia’s War.  In it we can hear a host of former prime ministers, soldiers, generals and other high profile individuals give their insights into the longest military campaign that Australia has ever been involved in.  It’s unsure whether this documentary will be released outside Australia but you should be able to pick it up on the ABC iView player by using an Australian proxy for the next few weeks at least.

One of the star interviewees was the prime minister who took Australia into this war, a decision he was extremely apprehensive about even then.  Now over 15 years later this documentary is the closest people will find out about what has been happening to the Australian military presence in Afghanistan and how their soldiers have adapted to the difficult situations they have been placed in.

There are also lots of interviews with both Australian generals and perhaps more interestingly with ordinary soldiers who risked their lives.  One moving piece is from a Commando as he explained how he felt after killing a Taliban fighter.

Also interviewed is the former prime minister Julia Gillard who had to attend 24 funerals for Australian personnel who lost their lives in Afghanistan.  She explained she constantly wondered whether this cost was worth the huge cost that the military paid for by risking their lives.

The fact of whether it was successful is still open to debate, Australian forces were withdrawn after 12 years at the end of 2013 – the casualty list stood at 41 killed and 281 servicemen seriously injured.   Now in Afghanistan there are frequent reports that insurgents are now reclaiming the territory that Australia fought for less than 3 years ago.

It’s always good to see these different perspectives you can see how other country’s media report these same news events just by switching your IP address online.   This video shows how to watch BBC iPlayer Australia where you can pick up the news from the BBC.

Turkey Retaliates Against Kurds

After the brutal car bombing in Ankara, Turkey has retaliated by bombing many of the Kurdish military positions in Northern Iraq.  They have also rounded up and arrested many militants in Turkey in response to the suicide attack even though there has been no direct proof or claim of responsibility from the Kurdish leaders.

The Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu has indicated that were strong indications that  the Sunday’s attack was carried out by the PKK who are also known as the rebels of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party.  Although many international agencies are worried that the Government are merely using the PKK as a scapegoat because they have not claimed responsibility.

ankara-70528_640 (1)

The PM explained that 11 people have been detained who were directly related to the suicide attack which killed 37 people who were nearby the two bus stops targeted.  The police are running DNA checks to identify the exact identity of the bomber and the assistant.  There are rumors that the actual suicide bomber was in fact a woman, though this has not been officially confirmed yet. It’s not surprising that there is confusion now, especially with the Turkish Government taking control of most of the media and filtering internet access primarily using DNS.

Turkey is now becoming an increasingly fractured place, with many enemies both within and surrounding it’s borders. There are many enemies across in Syria including the Government, Kurdish rebels who are populating the Syrian and Iraqi borders with Turkey plus of course many ISIS operatives outside and within the country.   The country is also struggling to cope with the huge amount of refugees from the Syrian conflict.

One of the biggest problems is that the peace process between the Turkish government and the PKK broke down last year. The conflict has been continuing for 30 years and it was hoped that the peace talks would have brought a lasting peace to the conflict.  Both sides blame each other for the break down and it looks unlikely that the talks will be resumed in the near future in such a toxic atmosphere.

More than 200 people have already been killed in suicide bombings since last July, all of them were either blamed on ISIS or the Kurdish group.  Although the attackers might change all are a result of the Turkish Government’s ill executed foreign policy particularly with regards to the Syrian conflict.

The Turkish Government see no distinction between the PKK and ISIS and have been seeking assistance from countries like the US to fight them.  However the Kurdish militia who many believe have some affiliations with the PKK have been strong allies to many in the fight against the common enemy ISIS.

In many ways the bombings have not changed the Turkish Government’s tactics, they already had plans for operations against the Kurdish militants.  they have vowed to wipe out the PKK until the group is completely wiped out.

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Peace Memorials Around the World

There is little doubt that the most moving monuments to peace around the world are those that are linked to moments of great destruction. The Genbaku Dome in Hiroshima is one of those special places, it’s skeleton was preserved by the survivors of one of the greatest single acts of violence that human beings have perpetrated in their history.


That act took place on the 6th August, 1945 when an Atom bomb was dropped on the bustling town of Hiroshima.   The explosion destroyed almost completely the commercial and political centre of the city, the Genbaku dome was one of the very few buildings which survived the blast.

The building has not been restored although it has been made safe, and a plaque on the side of the building reads :

Let all the souls here rest in peace. For (we) shall not repeat the evil.

The simple fact is that over 140,000 people lost their lives in that single explosion and people still gather there to commemorate the day. It is a day that changed the world and one that should be remembered particularly as Japan rethinks it’s pacifist ideology which it has adhered to for the past few decades. The issue was examined in depth by a wonderful report on Newsnight from the BBC a few weeks ago, you can watch BBC TV online using this method if you’re outside the Uk and want to catch it.

If you’re ever near Hiroshima, it is a place worth visiting it’s large enough to spend a couple of hours in and the surrounding parks and exhibits are unique. The story of that day are told in words and through surviving remnants. It is a heartbreaking lesson in history, yet perhaps something we should all see.

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Don’t Cheer the Russian Bombs

Some times it gets confusing distinguishing the genuine peace activists, especially when they start applauding violence. Yet there is a growing view that the Russians bombing the hell out of Syria is going to make things better.

The arguments are just as confusing, things like Western intervention makes things worse (ergo Russians will do better, ermm), we’re just letting ISIS win and stuff like that. The idea that dropping bombs on the utter chaos that is Syria will make things better or defeat ISIS seems to me completely misguided.

After all, ISIS thrives in the sort of war torn chaos that wide spread bombing causes. They receive a ready supply of martyrs to be every time some innocent civilian is killed from their family, friends and bystanders. Not to mention the damage that is caused to infrastructure, dragging back Syria to the stone age is only going to suit one side of this battle and that’s ISIS who are happiest living there.

The problem too, is that there’s no such thing as a good bomb, you know the sort that lands neatly on the baddies head whilst not damaging anything else. We’ve seen the damage that super accurate, laser guided missiles can do when they go astray (which they do frequently). The idea that the heavy duty, carpet bombing style tactics favored by the Russians is going to minimize collateral damage is simply insane.


The bombs will inspire the fanatics and bring misery to the innocent. the bombs will ensure a steady supply of jihadists with yet another enemy to rally against. You only have to watch the BBC news and documentaries, try this method if you can’t access, to see that violence only fuels the religious hatred of such zealots.

What is required in Syria is a peace process, something for ordinary civilians to rally around and give them hope. Syrians need a de-escalation in conflict, negotiations, arms embargo – it’s not an easy solution but it’s the only route to true peace. Bombs never solve anything in chaotic situations like Syria, they simply give the warmongers and excuse to carry on killing.

John Hallows
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Is Pro-Active Pacifism a Viable Option?

Seventy years after World War II finished, should we be thinking about peace or about war?

World War I, in its day, was called “the war to end all wars.” It wasn’t. Two states, in its wake, went pacifist.

Brute power had had it’s day. Let power rule that is simply pacified. Military headquarters, Figueres declared, could be transformed into an art museum.

Costa Rica, fine area. Not wealthy, having a poverty rate estimated at 23 percent, but enviably happy (most joyful nation on earth, as stated by the Happy Planet Index, which rates Japan 45th), and admirably green (a quarter of its own land area is officially protected against industrial encroachment). There is no censorship either and little of the paranoia that armed states seem to possess. You don’t need to use fast proxies like these to bypass blocks and filters


To this day it does not have any navy, military or air force.

Japan’s pacifism is made from sterner stuff. Perhaps it needed to be. The market in Japan is a behemoth; Costa Rica’s isn’t. Among Japan’s close neighbors really are an unpredictable and a growing superpower — potentially mad, if states could be thus designated — nuclear power, neither favorable. Costa Rica faces no risks that are similar.

Was postwar Japan more than nominally pacifist? “Land, sea and air forces, along with other war potential, will never be kept,” says Article 9. The Self-Defense Forces as well as their state of the art weapons, backed with a large American military presence, appear to mock that pious vow. The fact remains, nevertheless, that the military in Japan has managed under legal and constitutional constraints that hobble the armed forces in no other sovereign country. Whether those constraints qualify as pacifism is an open question. Surely they don’t by the standards of Costa Rica. A better question might be: Can the standards of Costa Rica be made worldwide?

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Can Pacifism Lead us to Peace or More War

It’s now been over 70  years since the end of the second World War.  The first World was was meant to be the ‘war to end all wars’, clearly this wasn’t the case.  However there was a huge global impact and two nations almost immediately turned pacifist both modifying their constitutions to reflect this.

The first country, was Japan and a couple of years later, the central American county of Costa Rica followed their example. The reasons for the  Japanese change are well documented, but less so the country of Costa Rica.

The leader of the country Jose Ferrer, seized power in a very bloody military coup – not an unusual occurrence in South America in the last century.  However what was unusual was the almost instant change in politics – militarism was thrown out and instead pacifism embraced.  He announced that the military would be disbanded and the headquarter’s turned into an art museum.

The pacifism of Costa Rica is arguably easier to sustain, a smaller, relatively poor country it has nowhere near the responsibilities or interests of the gigantic Japanese economy.  Also it can be argued that Japan exists in a much more volatile area – rising superpowers like China and the dangerous , erratic North Korea to name two examples.  It is very much an area of trouble, mistrust and growing dangers to world peace, even in China people routinely use VPN and security services like this  because they are constantly monitored and logged when online.

Costa Rica’s stance on arms hasn’t brought it wealth that’s for sure.  However it is a beautiful, peaceful place to live and ranks as the happiest country in the world according to the Happy Planet Index.  It has wonderful green credentials too with nearly 25% of it’s land mass legally protected against commercial and industrial encroachment.

Was postwar Japan over nominally pacifist? “Land, sea and air forces, in addition to other war potential, will never be preserved,” says Article 9. The Self-Defense Forces as well as their state of the art weaponry, backed by a substantial American military presence, appear to mock that pious vow. The fact remains, however, that the military in Japan has worked under legal and constitutional constraints that hobble no other sovereign country’s armed forces. Whether those restraints qualify as pacifism is an open question. Certainly they do not by the standards of Costa Rica. A better question might be: Can the standards of Costa Rica be made worldwide?

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, since taking office in December 2012, has made no secret of his intent to steer Japan in the contrary direction. This is consistent having an assurance he had made the previous September to the United Nations General Assembly. Japan, he explained, “will just bear the flag of proactive contribution to peace.”

Thus was born “proactive pacifism” — enlarged interaction under fewer restrictions with more countries’ armed forces in more far-flung international battles — raising, necessarily, the question: How much “proactivity” can pacifism bear without slowly, imperceptibly (if not fast) evolving into its opposite — specifically, militarism?

John Jennings

The Discipline of Peaceful Thought

Take a step back from all the warring, bombing, hatred and killing for just a moment and find a moment to think a happy thought. Sure it can seem to be tough to do that when there is a great high wall of resentment and hate in the way.

But do it anyway. If for no other reason other than the simple fact that you can.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with anything related to whatever it is that people find excuses to kill and main each other for, here’s the thing.

Every human has a mind and the ability to think. And get this. Our thoughts are actually the only things in this life that we have complete and total control over. We can think anything we want to and nobody else can make us think what they want us to think.

Take that away and mull it over in your mind for a while. You’ll agree the above point is completely true and it is explained at length in the many explanatory articles published at Sure, we can be tricked into thinking about whatever is going on around us. Most of do exactly that for most of the time.

But when we choose our own thoughts, we have complete control over what goes on inside our heads no matter what anyone or anything else may try to do to stop us. That fact alone could change the world in a heartbeat if only everyone were aware of it.

The reason would be that people who have been tricked into following the lead of the haters and terrorists would suddenly realise they have a mind of their own, their own opinions and their own ideas and they don’t have to follow someone else’s crusade any more.

When it becomes clear that every one of us can create our own ideas and choose the way in which we live our lives, there would be no more need for blind hatred created by a mob mentality. The individual mentality would surface and question the motives of the people they once followed equally as blindly.

All wars could and would likely cease. All inter-racial and inter-religious hatred would dissolve because there would no longer be any basis for it as people’s thoughts turned to those of peace and happiness.

It only ever existed in the first place because it was born in the mind of unstable individuals with a thirst for power and the ability to sway the opinions of weaker minded people who didn’t know they held the power of their own destinies in their ability to think for themselves. The world would certainly be a different place today.

North Korea starts production of nuclear bomb fuel

We have recently learned that North Korea, is planning to restart its main nuclear bomb fuel reactor after it have been shut down for almost halv a year. We may still speculate if this is mere to create more power for the cities nearby, or if they are planning on producing fuel for their nuclear bombs. With all the hatred we have seen from North Korea lately, it may be very likely that they are using the plan to create more bombs. It’s highly unlikely that these new bombs will be used in an attack agaist the USA or South Korea, but most is likely an attempt to show of their power, and scare the western counties into leaving them alone. It’s by using recent commercial satellite imagery, that they had discovered an increased activity around this nuclear plant. James Kostumer from seems to think that this is die to the increased number of sanctions that united states and several european countries have used against them. According to mr. Kostumer and Dyrby Paulsen this have lead the North koreaen goverment to think, that the next step may be an invasion of their country. So now they are arming up to protect themselves.

This new activity at the 5-megawatt Yongbyon reactor is now being closely watched, mainly because many believe that North Korea owns more than a handful of nuclear bombs, and that they are planning on building a whole arsenal of nuclear missiles, that is powerful enough to reach America’s mainland.

We from that the Yongbyon plant, have earlier been used to produce plutonium, which have been used for past nuclear test explosions. This plant was restarted back in 2013, after it had being closed downn in 2007 due to a disarmament agreement.

By studying the images of the plan, it is very likely that from 24 December to 11 January, the reactor have shown an increased activity such as spilling hot water drainage from a pipe at a turbine building and an unnatural amount of snow-melt on the roofs of the reactor and turbine buildings. All things that could indicate that there are some activity in the reactor plant. However mr. Kostumer also seems to think that due the fact that the observation period was only about two weeks, it could merely but a routine testing or a scheduled maintenance. Still it’s something that we need to pay close attention to. Especially with a leader who speaks out as agressivily as Kim Jong-un. We can only hope that we won’t see any more activity from the reactor facility this year.

How dangerous could this be in the worst case? Well the Yongbyon reactor can produce about one bomb’s worth of plutonium per year. And the uranium enrichment facility, near the plant, can produce a small amount of fissile material for the bombs. So it’s not that we can expect to see hundreds of new nuclear bombs in North Korea. At the moment, it’s still unknown if North Korea has the required technology needed to make the warheads small enough to be mounted on missiles. But what we do know, is that with each nuclear test, they move one step closer to their goal. Something we here at would be very glad to see and end to.


Cairo Bomb Blast Shocks Egyptians

Two bombs exploded a week last Tuesday in the Egyptian cities of Alexandria and Cairo, killing one civilian, security officials said.

The Cairo home made bomb blast happened in Qasr al-Nil road near a busy square, and was concealed within an electric transformer, local media reported.  The story was covered by many domestic and international media agencies including some British TV station – here.

The blast targeting a police killed one civilian and wounded two others, including a 12-year old lad, near the second city of Alexandria in Egypt, authorities told AFP.

The explosion happened near a residential neighbourhood to the western outskirts of the Mediterranean city.

Authorities said the blast missed the checkpoint, which injure three individuals such as the lad, and was transferred from its earlier place.

Among the two grownups that were injured after died in hospital.

There is no immediate claim of responsibility for the two attacks.

Meanwhile, after two bombs were discovered by authorities in various terminals of the town ‘s major airport security measures heightened, security sources told the news agency.

Airport security said they were reviewing video footage while no arrests were made. The bombs were found using electronic devices.

Jennie Hargreaves

Channel 4 Abroad

German Foreign Policy Stance to Change

Germany will alter its security strategy, called the White Book, in response to Russia’s activities and efforts to use “power politics and military force”.
“We should have no delusions. Kremlin’s new policy started long before the disaster in Ukraine and can take us for an extremely very very long time to come,” she added. Until now, Germany directed a drive to impose sanctions against Russia and supported a diplomatic way to solve the crisis in Ukraine, in accordance with Reuters.

In the newest strategy, German armed forces can be more involved in strengthening something which is already occurring in Eastern Europe, NATO’s defense. Moreover, it’ll be a solution to other developments including the growth of cyber assaults, the Arab Spring, climate change and the militant Islamic State, which reveals that a more assertive international function is being sought by Germany.   As demonstrated in a recent documentary on British Television, which you can gain access here on an iPad – there have already been many fundamental changes in their foreign policy. Germany made a decision to send arms and ammo a year ago and the Parliament approved sending up to 100 soldiers to train these forces last month.

The White Books are released by the German Defense Ministry to summarize the strategic plan as well as the last one came out in 2006. The state was reluctant in taking parts until now as well as even though the public opinion was against any military purpose in international conflicts, the government officials asked recently to get a much more aggressive foreign policy.

James Stirling

2015 U.S. Military Pay Raise

Once again, the U.S. military is increasing its military spending.  Sigh.

In the US military, different pay charts exist for different ranks. In the army for example, the highest paid officials are the 4 star generals, especially those at the top ranking level. The pay is more or less the same for officials of equal rank across the various branches of the US military. These include the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marines. Any person who joins the military should take a look at the military pay chart for 2015. This is a chart that contains information about the remuneration levels of all enlisted, warrant and commissioned military personnel so they know what to expect.

bbc iplayer usa

Joining the military is always considered patriotic and a form of sacrifice for one’s own country. Even then, those who join the military expect to build careers, plan their futures, take care of their families and even acquire an education. What is important is for every single individual to understand their ranks, work hard for a promotion and then ensure they have the necessary information pertaining to the military pay chart. Those in any doubt or with questions of any kind can consult their senior officers for clarity and further information. Being certain is very important in the military.

Military pay charts also provide other important information pertaining to any soldier’s position. Some positions such as those of junior members earn a natural promotion with time while other positions have to be earned through merit. Therefore, those who work hard and exemplify high standards and gallantry will earn a well deserved promotion.

Updated: US Military Link Dead


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World Without Nuclear Weapons

It’s certainly the dream of this site, and five years ago President Obama stated in a speech that it was his aim too. So with the backing of the most powerful man on the planet, how much closer are we to achieving that goal? Well the respected Stockholm International Peace Research Institute – SIPRI have recently released some findings to help us view what progress has been made.

What they found does not surprise us. Most of the nuclear armed states still spend huge amounts of money on weapons, mainly modernising their existing arsenals. There seems little inclination to reduce never mind get rid of nuclear or other mass destruction level weapons.

There has been a steady decline in the number of nuclear enabled warheads over the last decade or so. The report states that nine countries still possess over 16000 of these weapons, a fall of about 5%, but the rate of reduction is slowing markedly. There is certainly little evidence to suggest that at any level complete disarmament is a policy or strategic goal of any of the military units who hold such weaponry.

There is also little surprise in who holds the majority of these weapons, over 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons are held by the USA and Russia. It should be said that that the fall in global nuclear weapons however small was largely due to the treaties agreed to these two superpowers.

There are five officially recognised nuclear weapon states who are – USA, China, France, Russia and the United Kingdom. All the other nations who possess these weapons like North Korea exist outside the global non-proliferation treaty. There is great criticism for these countries for not doing more to focus on disarmament. This was a central goal of the agreement which all other member nations signed whilst agreeing not to pursue arming themselves with nuclear based weapons. Simply put there has been very little evidence of this happening.

The report focused on the USA and Russia who instead of investing heavily in reducing their nuclear weapons have spent much more on modernizing existing systems. Including upgrading delivery systems,warheads and the production facilities required to produce such weapons. The same seems to be happening in other countries, although numbers might be falling slightly – existing weapons are being upgraded and developed constantly.

There have been many reports about the policies in these countries which seem to do little to reduce overall numbers of nuclear weapons. There was previously very high levels of political pressure being applied in many of these countries towards disarmament – the UK media used to focus heavily on this in earlier times – now if you watch British TV abroad using the internet, you’ll be unlikely to see many mentions at all.

Joe Simpson writes on many blogs, websites and traditional periodicals.
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Good News: The U.S. Military is Shrinking

Gawker recently published an article about how the US military is shrinking.  According to the military pay chart in 2014, pay is shrinking as well.

Taking the time to have a look at the military pay chart is something that everyone should do in order to have an accurate understanding of how much they would be able to make by simply offering their services to the military. The great thing about this information is the fact that it is available to you and very easy to read through, this ensures that you are being treated fairly at all times. The best thing that anyone with a skill could do would be to improve upon what they are bringing to the table as often as possible. Training and working to become a better asset to this organization would allow you to make more money in accordance with the chart. 

Discovering things such as hardship duty pay would allow you to make an informed decision about the military pay chart and how it enables you to get more money for the work that you are doing. Under this grouping, you would be rewarded financially when you find yourself in an environment that is going to subject you to conditions that are much below what is found in the United States. The great thing about this system is the availability of information and the security of knowing that you are being handled the same way as everyone else. If you were to work at an office job, you may always feel cheated by the situations you face or your pay. However, this chart helps to remove any of those issues.

Become Updated With Hottest National and International News

When it comes to the hottest news, we must be aware that we are involved. In any changed and happening around the world, we are involved as a man. A man is a social animal. This means that we have to be concern on anything happen in our local area, nation and even international areas. But we cannot know all of these happenings when don’t read or listen any news. A person being an individual is a small unit all over the society. Therefore, you need to know everything that is happening especially when it affects to your life. It can be quite natural to a person having the curiosity to know all about the recent current events and happenings in a society. Perl Critic is another trending topic when it comes to the news today. This has become trending. Many people are keeping on doing a research on how it can help the development of a certain society. Moreover, when the technology and the cutting edge tools have virtually caused the world to shrink, then Perl Critic can easily deal with that. A new natural man-made event can easily be explained using Perl Critic. 

Perl Critic is very essential for a person in the present day world. It keeps oneself abreast of the local, national or even international news. There is no death of new sources available today when it comes on getting information and news about the social, environmental, and political, sports and entertainment or weather related news. You are able to get news from Perl Critic, online news sites, TV news, Radio, Newspapers, new journals, dedicated news sites, magazines and many more. Each of the sources mentioned has its own distinct way on how to deliver people awareness of the hottest news and choosing one among these sources totally depends on preferences and Perl Critic. It doesn’t matter when you are interested in getting latest sports news or political news, you can easily get similar from online news sites or leading national newspaper. You can choose one according to your preference of news source. Perl Critic has presented lots of hottest news and would keep you updated on anything happen. 

Perl Critic is another leading new source. It can provide you hottest news locally, nationally and even internationally. There are millions of copies published when talking about Perl Critic. It has been printed every day and circulated to some other parts of the country and even worldwide. Perl Critic has vital role that enabled people to keep themselves well informed of hottest developments and news. With this, when people get informed about the hottest news, they would be able to deal with the current happenings and events. Many people get interested when it comes on the happenings and current events around the world. Thus, this will keep people well-informed and have more knowledge even if they are not situating in a specific area. It is good that you have concern on the happenings even out of the country where you are situating.






War Against Cruelty: Have A Peaceful Society

When it comes on cruelty around the world, it is expected that all of the country had experienced the issue. Yet, they have been changed a lot when years passed by. There are countries who have succeed and won during the battle. There are countries that completely developed these days. They have won the battle from previous years. They have dealt on the war against cruelty and achieve the freedom that they fight for. With this, this will prove other nation that they are brave and strong enough to defend their own state and get the freedom that they ask for. It is so much dismaying that there are still countries that recently fighting for their freedom. There are countries that are aiming to colonize other countries. This results to war and the people who are citizens in the state keep on fighting for their country not to be invaded. Invasion was become an issue since from the past but there are still countries that recently doing it. They do such things like cruelty and some other bad deeds just to invade the place and domain the land. But because the citizens are now brave enough, they learn to fight for their own good. 

Bravery and alarmer overvågning are their strong weapons to the invaders. Lots of invaders are attacking but the people remain strong defending to their country just not to be colonized. It is so much promising that those citizens who keep on defending their land remain strong. The alarmer overvågning can provide ideas how other countries dominate their land in order not to be colonized by the aliens. This means that they become successful on defending their country. War against cruelty is truly remarkable. You would be reminded on how those people stand for their land. How those people give their lives just to make sure that their homeland would not be invaded by aliens. However, when we see the event around the world today, you cannot hear cruelties anymore. But you can’t deny the fact that this is just a reward which is tasted today just because of our ancestors. They defended our land in order not to be colonized by other country and we must treasure it.

The alarmer overvågning can explain how our ancestors fight on the war against cruelty. Having a peaceful society is actually a credit from our ancestors. We are not living peacefully today in our land without them. It is also possible that we are not called citizens from our particular place now without them. Appreciating our ancestors is a must. We owe everything from them on what we have today. A peaceful society is a fruit from what they have done from the previous years. Cruelty should never be practiced in order to have a peaceful world. Unity and love must the first feelings that the people must have. Both can result to have a peaceful society and healthy living. Having the feeling of calmness in the society where you live is truly a blessing and reward.

Source:  alarmer og sikkerhed


Pressure to Withdraw French Troops from Central African republlic

The bloodshed in the Central African republic shows no signs of abating.  Throughout the country Muslim extremists continue to focus their attacks on Christians and peace forces.

Last week there were reports from a priest that 75 people were killed in the small town of Boda, largely the result of heavy fighting between rebel forces and the peacekeepers.

France has contributed over 1400 troops to augment the 5000 strong African peace force, the idea was to increase strength to perhaps supress the violence.  It seems not to be working in fact the war is beginning to escalate.

There have been a number of massacres in mainly Christian villages which the peacekeepers have been unable to stop.  Often these villages are in the remote regions of the country particularly in the North West corner.  Unsurprisingly there is news of a Christian group forming called the anti-balaka who are intending to also battle the rebels.  There are increasing reports that this group too are committing human rights abuses as well.  The violence is starting to escalate out of control and the peacekeepers are becoming involved in the violence despite their best efforts.

Population displacement is also increasing as 10s of thousands flee from the fighting.  This causes even more humanitarian issues, as the refugees usually have no way to support themselves, charities are getting involved but they too have finite resources.

It’s not surprising that there is a growing feeling in France that the troops should be pulled out, that peacekeepers are not able to make a difference currently in the chaos.  You can see up to date news and reports on the French media who are covering the story in detail.  If you’re based outside France then you can watch French TV online using this method.

As you can see it allows you to access any of the online French TV stations which are normally blocked. It does this by masking your IP address and instead presenting a French one when you connect to the site.

Maintaining the Freedom of the Internet

For many people the internet is an essential link to the outside world.  For example in Iran, the opposition have little voice in every day media, but crucially they can speak their true thoughts online.  Which is why the regimes like the Iranian government so heavily censor what websites can be accessed.  Fortunately very few countries have mastered the ability to completely control access to the internet, the Chinese have perhaps come closest by pouring almost unlimited resources into the infamous Great Firewall of China and sponsoring rival social networking sites (controlled by the Government of course).

The technology is difficult though and trying to restrict access to random TOR exit nodes is a mammoth task.  Even using simple proxies and VPN servers will allow you to bypass most restrictions.  There are also some very sophisticated security software that provides many firewall/hopping, proxy switching features available commercially too.

Also available on YouTube.

The technology war will go on, with the Western democracies largely leaving the web unfiltered, instead concentrating on surveillance and data analyis – like the MI5 and projects like PRISM. Whilst the countries like China, Iran and Thailand slowly block access to more and more sites considered unsuitable for it’s citizens. This road however will probably lead to the scenario in North Korea, where in fact all external websites are blocked by default – a kind of Korean intranet. Thus the ruling parties will then decide – ‘not what to block’ but instead what you can specifically see – a whitelist of approved websites.

This is probably the only way a nation can completely control access to the internet completely. It’s likely to happen sometime in Iran if the current regimes maintain power – there are already Iranian alternatives to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter all controlled and regulated by the authorities of course. Whether this happens in China is less certain, economic measures and reliance on free trade to maintain growth would be extremely difficult to maintain under this sort of draconian policy.

War Against Education

It is true that there has been an argument from the past that education becomes the best weapon when it comes on learning. Yet, many people don’t believe on the capacities of education on changing the lives of the society, there are still people who can prove its benefits. There has been a war against education from the past because people usually protect and defend themselves through the education they undergone. If you check on the society today the people defend themselves through the education they take such us the law courses.  The træpiller is a part of education which opens the eyes of every individual in the society about the law. Each locality has its vision and objectives in order to progress and with the right to education, people will already be aware on how they can fully fulfill their objectives. Learning is a part of every life stages that a man should undergo. Of course, learning can make the mind of a person strong and ready to defend himself/herself in every obstacle that many pass onto him/her. Therefore, briketter should be applied. War against education should not be practiced in a place because you are the ones who can benefit from it and you should not prohibit yourself from this right.

The træpiller explained how education becomes beneficial onto your life. The war against education is truly a fool idea. If you prohibit yourself from education, you are just making yourself becomes ignorance on your rights anyway. It is true that we can still have our right even though we did not have that education but if you take it, and then it would be good to you because you can be aware of your other rights. It is being taught at school on what are you following natural rights and human rights. If you did not give yourself a chance to know your rights, you would surely be fooled on your rights and you would not be aware on some of your rights which you don’t know. A person has his own natural rights and human rights and you will be aware of those through getting your right to education. It is proven by briketter that a person will be aware of his own natural rights and human rights so that no one would fool him and would not be ignorant of their rights. 

The briketter can explain how education becomes advantage and relevant to a man’s life stages. Education is perhaps not a requirement to live but it is a big chance and opportunity to a person to be aware of his rights. The war against education should be stopped. It is a big hindrance to a person to develop his/her skill and talent. Yes, education can enhance a person’s talents and skills. Education serves as the training ground of an individual to be ready in facing his/her future. However, many people are not aware on the big benefits given by education and that is why war education has been created.




Trending News About Our Society Today

When we talked and mentioned the society today, what would be the first word that comes into our mind? It would be modernity, technology, innovation, sophistication, climate change or whatever it might be, we talked simply about change. Yes, if there is no changes occur, why we should come up on lots of thinking? It truly means that our society and our world today are developing. Everyone wants to develop, enhance, and improve onto their life and that is proven on the change occurrence we had today. Business Intelligence would rather be the best one to explain how we turn to be modern today. It proves that we are now on the point of development and thus, it proves that people are getting more and more intelligent. We might not pay attention on how our world today becomes more and more sophisticated but we realized that we keep on changing with our way of life just because of the changes occur these days. Trending news in the society today is the advancement of our way of life. This is truly a fact wherein even a kid can explain it. Technology marks in the mind of a kid and this makes trending news today.

Sad thing about being sophisticated is that, we always think that it can have bad effect onto our lives and on the other way, it can force and it can turn people into bad. Business Intelligence is one of the most trending news today. Businesses have acquired this business tool. So, in time that they find out the efficacy of this tool, business managers would take it easy to control and manage the business though making use of this. It is trending today because the society has realized that the advancement these days gives favor to make our life simple. Simplicity of daily living should not be described like without technologies, no advanced stuffs but it is on your way on how you use those stuffs. Technology is truly amazing in its ways. It makes work simple and easy, it makes the lives of people easy and exciting, and it makes almost everything sophisticated.

Societies always adapt technology since it is a part of it. Once a nation, locality or certain region accepts technology, it means that they belong to the educated world. Living in an educated world is truly exciting. You would realize that these technologies would never harm us as long as we use it in a proper way. Let us discover its simplicity and being advanced. Business Intelligence is one of the most trending technologies being used by many businesses today. Business is one of the most trending investment and they apply technology for the efficacy and success of their business. Business tools are very important in managing and controlling a business. The society today has chosen business techniques in order to improve their business. Of course, if you don’t adapt and apply technology onto your business today, then you would surely left behind.

Source: – Business Intelligence

A Developing Society Relies In The Hands Of The Youth

We always are dreaming on living in a society that is peaceful and with unity. Of course, if both of these are in the society, then a developing world will never leave as a dream. No one wants to live hearing always about wars, conflicts and crimes. It can be relaxing and free to have a society with no worries at all. Stål Tag Priser will serve as the ideal way on how to express it. Peaceful and orderly society will not just prove its development but will assure that each people will never have to worry even though they walk in the street at night. However, being a peaceful society in today’s generation can be considered as impossible. With the latest news we always heard and read in newspapers and magazines, we all worry because this war will be unending. But, as people, we have the power to stop this war because people are even the reason why we have this not peaceful world. Of course, no one wants to live a place with lots of crimes and malpractices. So, we might think that peace would be hard to achieve. But if we have the courage to accept the reality that the youth are our chance to stop this war, then everything will be alright.

There are perceptions that youth are the hope of the nation. There are also those who have said that the youth are not the hope of the nation. But whatever it could be, we have all the same wants and that is to have a peaceful and no worries way of living. It can be relaxing to live a peaceful society and that can be achieved through unity and cooperation. If there are projects or plans for the development of the society, it proves that this is the chance to have a world of progress and unity. Did you know that the only problem is actually the people who are in the society? Yes, the people who are lazy are the reasons why we don’t have the determination to have a progressive society in easy ways. People and the society are the responsible in one’s place. If you always keep on blaming the government officials why we don’t have a progressive country, then this is truly a big mistake. Stål Tag Priser explained how people react on those officials when they experience hardship from ståltag.

A progressive country with the unity and cooperation of government officials and the people is an ideal one. If both will work for the better good, then having a developing society would be easy and achievable. If the society only rely on the government leaders, a progressive nation can be hard to achieve of course. Checking into these days welfare of the state, we might see that there are only a few who are not having hardship into their life and living. Can you called it as a developing nation? Of course, a developing nation doesn’t prove on the status of the country but the status of the people who are living in the nation. Developing nation should be achieved.

Source: – ståltag

Business Intelligence Software – What Is Its Importance

A lot of businesses owners worldwide are having a problem when it comes on controlling their company properly. There are times that they had undergone problems and issues but they don’t know the root cause. Managers have trouble when it comes on finding out what is the main cause and reason why it happened and how it starts. Of course, no one wants this to happen in a business, so business owners should make sure that managers know about a kind of software to make the business becomes successful and never left behind by other competitive businesses. Business intelligence software should be a tool to be used by most businesses so that they can track down and control the flow of their business. It is true that business can’t be handled easily. Though you are thinking that business can be manager easily but you have to be aware that selling is not the only main concentration when building commercial business. You have to look for your employees, your products and services and also the money involved in the business. You are building a new business because you want to earn an income. You want to manage a business which will give you an income to support your family of to save money for any plans.

Businesses today turn to be successful and effective because of the right choice of business tool. Business intelligence software helped a lot of businesses today. When you are going to check in the market, many business owners are looking for the right business tool to be use. They want to get the right one just to make sure that they would not end up wasting their money from getting the wrong one. Since we are talking about business, we need to make sure that the money involved in there should be protected well. It should not end up failure and that can be possible using a trustworthy business technique. Controlling the business in not an easy task, reports within the business should be gathered. These reports will not be complete is there is no gathered data and to be analyzed. Reports within the business should be gathered and stored in a safe database.

Gathering data is important within the business. This data will be used for the analyzing process to come up any info that would help for the improvement of the business. Of course, we should expect problems that may arise in the business. We have to be aware that businesses can encounter problems and this must be solved before it gets worst as it can end up into failure. No business owners want their business to fail and to be bankrupt. Thus, the right business tool should be use. Business intelligence software doesn’t only give the assurance to your business to be controlled well but also it presents data and reports on what is going on in the business. It can help business tool managers come up a solution for any problems in the business. This business tool would guarantee its business safety and protection not to fail.

Live Peacefully – Let’s Stop The War

To live in a peaceful world is something we all want and desire, this will assure that we don’t have any problems on our daily lives. Yes, it is definitely true. Living in a world of peace will also give us peace of mind. All of us are dreaming on living in a peaceful society but the only problem today is our society. We are now living in a complicated world since from the start that we hear wars. War devastates a lot of countries and obviously we as the society are very affected in the situation. Whatever happened in our place, we are the responsible in it. So, let us maintain the peacefulness. People are the one who are making the war and since they are the one who do it then we are also the one who can stop it. We always blame those who are the culprit and those who started the war but we forget that those are actually happened because of our doings. If we start in us to live peacefully then everything will remain peaceful and Nyt Tag. In fact, no one wants to live a scary life wherein we are afraid every minute because there might happened unexpectedly according to Jill from Priser Tagsten Nyt Tag.

War has been an issue and big news since it happened. It affects lots of individual lives and families. Thus, this can be avoided. People are the culprit of war then they are also the one who can stop it. On the other hand, this war has been done because there are many countries who are not comfortable or in favor on the way of doings by the other countries but we can actually avoid this to happen. Bloody war is truly a wrong choice to settle any country to country problem. Let’s have a peaceful way of solving any country to country issues. A bloody war can never solve the issue but instead it results to a more problem, additional problem. It is admiring that we talked about the problem and look for a solution to solve it with the help from Priser Nyt Tag. Peace should start in ourselves and next would be peace and Nyt Tag for the whole wide world.

Let’s stop war and begin to live a simple way of life. It is a wrong perception that through war, it is a solution of the problem. Try to imagine this, if a small problem will be solved in an appropriately without any violence involved, do you think it ends up on getting worst? Of course not, yet it consumes time to solve the problem but you will end up a good result. In comparison, a small problem will be settled inappropriate because you want to settle the problem right away but you forget to think that it can result to a negative effect in us. You should be patience on whatever decisions you might come up and wait for the result than being in a hurry and solve instantly yet it can add more problems. Living peacefully with unity would guarantee that you can achieve a peaceful world with nyt tag and tagpap.

Source: Priser Tagsten

Let’s Stop The War

Most people would love to live in a world where there are only peace and war is a word nobody knows. It would surely have a good social communciations, good relationship to each other and having a peace country. It can be very appreciating and happy if every country, all country, in the world has good relationship. People who are living in a certain local area and place will surely live a healthy living. Of course, no one wants to live in a place where every people have hatred to each other and an enemy neighbor. It can be inspiring if you are living in a place where neighbors loved each other and helping one another. Yes, all of us are dreaming of this and this can be possible when we work on this. Others say that we can live in a peaceful life and peaceful place if we learn to love each other. But, the most and important on this is that you must have to love yourself first before you love other people. If you learn to love yourself, then you are now reasdy to love other people and this starts peace. BI Software or even data mining can help a lot on this.

Others say that we can have a peaceful community if we love each other and yet this is true. However, there is a most effective way on how to live a peaceful life and it starts in you. If you put into your mind and have that principle of being a peace-lover and peace-maker, then a peaceful community is possible. How do you battle the war? Are the present-day terrorists just like those militaristic antagonists that we had to deal with in the past? I don’t believe so. There are two primary variations between them. The army villain of previous times, such as the Nazis and the Communists, always had a nation which they attack homes. Modern terrorists don’t have a particular nation which they can owe allegiance . They are much more international in their outreach. Consequently, it’s was much simpler to battle our militaristic antagonists in previous times because we could always focus are primary initiatives in combativeness against a particular nation in a particular place. These days our focus has to boost itself world-wide in opportunity with BI Software.

The other distinction between our militaristic antagonists of previous times and those of the present-day are that those of previous times didn’t believe in God, or believed they were God, and those these days do believe in God, or actually think they are doing the Will of God in spending their functions of assault. This indicates that these terrorists in the existing have a much greater inspirational objective in spending their functions of assault than those of previous times did. Therefore, I believe, it’s going to be more complicated to prevent the present-day terrorists from interesting in their actions, regardless of what techniques one uses, than it did to prevent our previous antagonists. Now how are we fighting the present-day terrorism? We’re doing it in various methods such as BI Software. We’re trying to do it through knowledge, by interfering with their economical transferences, and by army indicates.



Freedom To Control And Operate Analysis

The technology is getting more packed day by day. Every product we discover could be a simple plaything or a little car part or a very technologically intensive product such as the spare section of a satellite launching vehicle, can be an amalgamation of varied ideas and practical concepts which are protected with a bevy of patents, utility models and design registrations. In this type of scenario, even before one starts the design and development of a brand new product, one should first have a clear notion concerning the proprietary technology in and round the item to be developed. The definition of ’proprietary technology’ means the options that come with the product which have been protected by various
There is certainly tremendous danger if one launches a product with no freedom to use evaluation and search. Such case the newly launched product is quiet at risk of infringement suits which could jeopardize the business of the firm itself. Only at that period, the uncertainty involved with it and the cost related to data mining litigation, is generally lethal and the company may be forced by it to pull away itself from the company entirely. A very famous example which is frequently quoted to emphasis the significance of a liberty to run search is that of Business Intelligence Systems. The most useful method so would be to attempt a comprehensive Liberty to run analysis and search even before one starts making investments in setting up plants for production of the planned product. A ’liberty to run’ search and evaluation is just intended for the purposes of understanding the ’degrees of freedom’ that are offered to the product development team while designing and creating a brand new product in the marketplace.

The supreme aim of a product development team would be in the future out with a product that will not infringe a patent or a registered design. A ’liberty to run’ evaluation is but a kind of research that has to done with large amount of care and earnestness before undertaking any manufacturing activity. The details are provided by freedom to operate analysis based on which one can determine whether or not the proposed product or the present product can be made, used, offered for sale or sold without infringing yet another legal enforceable patent. In a normal complex business situation, coming across a purely non-infringing process or product is really a rare thing. In such instances, product development becomes a collaborative effort. Liberty to run evaluation gives a general idea in regards to the different players in a given product section making use of their specialties. The strategic decisions can be thus made by one regarding licensing, cross – licensing and forming strategic alliances with the other players on the basis of the findings of the liberty to run search.

Liberty to run evaluation must come from a completely independent patent attorney from outside the business. This ensures objective and unbiased evaluation. Moreover, a liberty to run opinion from an expert patent attorney can also be considered in the court of law through the infringement proceeding. You can thus use the ’Liberty to Run’ view from a lawyer as defense against the allegations of will infringement.


War Affects Children

The good idea that the children are ought to be protected against the effects of the war isn’t new. Indeed there are equipment regarding protection which do exist today. Within there you will find the particular standards. The laws associated with war, these people referred to as relief regulations, individual privileges regulations or even a special section of these working with the safety of kids. Collectively these laws type the absolute minimum standard that their drafters believed to be the final outpost of civilized society and Best tilbud on kvali Brænde.

Armed conflicts affects children in a different of ways. Many children died because of the result of battling, however this isn’t the only kind of physical violence to which youngsters are exposed. Some, due to the presence of war children get poisoned on the smoke of those bombs. Others get injured. An incredible number of youngsters live with injuries as well as ailments brought on by provided issues as well as governmental physical violence. Much more is going to be put into their number due to the risks of land mines and unexploded ordnance, during locations where equipped turmoil offers stopped. Millions of youngsters within war circumstances happen to be conscripted, kidnapped, press-ganged, terrorized, or otherwise forced simply by situation in to getting kid soldiers. These types of young soldiers usually range from support jobs into the front of battle outlines with bedste tilbud on kvali brænde. They are confronted with and involved with works of extreme physical violence. A few, girls specifically, could be pressured into sex servitude.

Those children gathered together and they form a large population are even destructed by armed conflicts Kids. Displacement, during the move although within refugee camps, simply leave youngsters susceptible to physical violence, mistreatment, as well as separation from other households. These types of children often have problems with lack of nutrition as well as craving for food, and are very suffering from such diseases. More kids perish through disease and also malnutrition as a result of war compared to die like an immediate result of fighting with brænde or briketter. Homeless kids absence correct health insurance and schooling providers. When displaced, children might have trouble creating their nationality or even id and may even become stateless. Youngsters which can be removed away from provided conflict situations work higher danger associated with becoming trafficked or illegally adopted.

When war comes in a child’s life the structure of their communities may be ripped aside. Houses, towns, schools, wellness systems, and religious establishments may all be long gone. Kids drop their to their own life and also well-being, to get along with their own families and communities, also to end up being developed and guarded. They endure real and mental injury, ethical and religious effects, sociable as well as cultural deficits. Right after struggling with provided conflicts children’s lives, in addition to their futures, should never be the identical like brænde and briketter is. Generally, when there is war in a certain place the most affected will be the children. If possible this armed conflict should be avoided so that those young child not be suffering from any injuries. And will avoid other dangers in life due to the effects of the war.


Amazing Leadership Advice Straight From The Pros

Strong leadership skills are supreme to generating an effective team and to lead an organization to greatness. Billige træpiller will help you developed your leadership skills and to successfully lead your country or even a small group. In order to become a strong leader, develop your own skill and look no further than this article. Briketter will provide you with a bevy of information that can develop your leadership capabilities and to assist you to new heights in the business world. Hire people who will advance your business objectives. Rather, this means people who are intelligent enough can solve problems and most significantly have some experience in your business field. Do some proper research and make sure you check references that you don’t get scammed by someone with a silver tongue and a fake resume. Allow full opportunity for your employees to give feedback and new ideas. Though group meetings are the perfect setting for exchange of info, some employees may not feel assured offering opinions in such a public forum. Work with employees one-by-one as well. This will assist you gain trust and get some honest feedbacks. You should walk the talk. Leader does not say one thing and do another. That is confusing to employees and demotivating in many techniques.

Live by what you say instead. Lead by and follow through by example. Then you will have more than employees, you will champions who believe in your leadership and business too. If you are able to communicate your vision to your team, then you can be a great leader. Billige træpiller will clearly explain what the common goal is and introduce a vision of success in the team. Leadership plays a big role like getting everyone working together in harmony and cooperation. Handling a group can truly be a daunting task. Handling a group would not make your work simple. You would face lots of problems and you need to be ready on your patience and knowledge on how to deal with it. You should have trust on yourself and your abilities in order to be a strong leader. Let your employees see you do things and work. You should work while your employees are watching and do everything open doors so that workers know what you are working.

Briketter will let your employees do as what you do and not just as you say. It is important to be truthful about the situation when trying to be a good leader. Let your team know if something is not working our as being planned. Tell them if you have something you want to change. Whether it can be good news or bad, your team needs to know what exactly is going on. You can stick with your objectives. Leaders tend to fail when they switch ideas when things get hard. You need to stick with the goals you established and do what you are able to do to stay on one path until finished. Do so carefully and avoid doing it too much.

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Latest News On The Year 2013

The news nowadays comes into different kinds. There are news about health, showbiz, sports, politics and a lot more. The most trending news today is the herre ure. This talked about watches. Watches become trending that makes it connected to the people’s lifestyle. No matter what kind of news is it, it would still be related and become connected to our daily lives and daily activities. With the various kinds of news which getting the attention of the society, it will still last. 2013 is about to end and we will be welcoming the New Year 2014. But, we need to open our eyes on the possible news today which will still be present until 2014 and remained unsolved. So, it is better to know that news which might not be resolved on today’s present year in order to start a fresh New Year of 2014. The depth coverage and breaking news will always still be on the headlines especially if the issue has no result. With the stories presented on photos and videos, you can easily get an idea on what is the news about and how does it affects the whole world. No matter what, we need to be aware on the latest news especially when it can affect our lives and to the world. This is the only idea so that we will be aware on the current events.

We heard news about health. Health is vital in man’s life and this should always be delivered as headlines. We should be meticulous when it comes onto our health. Of course, there are numbers of concerns when it comes onto the health of an individual. Being careful and wise on any decisions that would affect the entire health is essential. Therefore, news that is being broadcast about health is very helpful. This will always remind us that we should take cared our body to protect our health.

Showbiz is a part of news. People are always keeping on following show business. It is a part of entertainment and we can’t deny the fact that we all love entertainment. We usually seek for an entertainment in order to relief our stress or to spend our leisure time together with our family and friends. Thus, this makes connected to the latest news on the year 2013. The herre ure is one of the best entertainments that get millions of votes this year. The watch is the main cast which makes the movies perfect. Show business will always be connected into our lives especially because we all love entertainments with no age limit of course.

Sports are a form of physical activity which will improve the speed, capacity, skills of a person especially on improving the physical and mental aspect of its life. With sports, many people like listening and watching news about the latest sports in 2013 such as the National Basketball Association game, World Boxing Organization and Soccer. The mentioned kinds of sports become trending in 2013 and always on the headlines.

Politics will never be absent when it comes into news. This is the most trending of all the news because this involves the leadership. You can read more about this latest news in 2013 when you read further on this article.


2014 American Military Pay

The American military is set to give its members another pay boost this year.  This 2014 military pay chart shows how the 1.0% proposed pay raise is set to affect military pay.

Wording that is used by Congress with regards to increases in military pay means that increases are only effective on January 1st each month. Congress uses specific wording in the yearly Military Appropriations Act as well as the Military Authorizations act. These two acts have to be passed by Congress, and the President is charged with the responsibility of signing the increases into law before the army can implement the increases.

The Military Appropriations Act ensures that money is set aside for this purpose. The Act is used to instruct the Department of Defense how to spend the money. The Defense Force is unable to issue any increases until both acts have been passed into the law.

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Any military personnel who live off base will receive an allowance each month which is to be used towards the cost of accommodation. This allowance is referred to as a BAH. Military members who reside on the base are entitled to free food, provided that they eat in the base dining room. Personnel who live off the base may eat in the base dining room. However, they will have to pay for every meal that they eat.

Occasionally, the military will send personnel to other bases and in this instance, a Family Separation Allowance is due. Family Separation Allowance is only payable to personnel who are separated from their children and or spouses. In order to qualify for the allowance, personnel have to be apart from their families for thirty days or more.

Army personnel who are ranked lowly are eligible for Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance.This is for personnel who would normally be eligible for food stamps. While personnel claim this tax-free perk, they are forbidden to claim for food stamps. When personnel are called away to combat, they also receive an allowance that is not taxed. In some cases, a certain portion of their other pay is not taxed either.

All army personnel are entitled to a yearly tax-free allowance to assist them with uniform maintenance. Army personnel which belong to the Reserves, and the National Guard receives a drill allowance. Allowances are paid for the amount of drills that personnel partake in. Higher ranking personnel receive more money than the lower-ranking personnel receive. The army also takes the length of service into account when determining these allowances.  You can use these allowances to purchase tools and services like a fast proxy which can be used to access local resources from overseas locations.

Should Reserves and National Guard members be deployed for more than thirty days, they are entitled to full Basic Housing Allowance. Members who are deployed for less than this amount of time will be remunerated in a different way. These soldiers will receive less money, and their allowance is known as a BAS RC/Transient allowance. Personnel who are ordered by the court to pay child support are given money based on the difference between dependent and single rate. The allowance is referred to as Differential Pay.

Army personnel who live in government quarters without any dependents do receive a Partial rate Basic Allowance. This is conditional on them living in barracks or dormitories and not being compensated with any other kind of housing allowance. Soldiers receive this money to compensate for the lowered standard of living that barracks provide to soldiers.

Flight compensation is available to personnel, which engage in more flight duties than other personnel. Should any personnel engage in hazardous or dangerous duties they will be compensated with a special monthly allowance. Members of the Navy who dive regularly also get compensated via an extra allowance. Divers should engage in training and be involved in assignments in order to qualify for this allowance. Career Sea Pay is payable to personnel who perform duties at sea. All Navy personnel who engage in submarine duty are eligible to receive Submarine Duty Pay.

Some of the higher-ranking officials in the army are entitled to a special Personal Money Allowance which they receive every month. It is interesting to note that army personnel that are responsible for dependents will be paid more money than their single counterparts. Army personnel are able to calculate how much money is due to them via online calculators. These systems are technologically advanced and allow personnel to access pay and leave statements at the click of a button. Personnel from all sectors of the army are able to determine how much money is due to them each month.

Even retirees are eligible for income, and they too can access this information via the Internet. Surviving spouses of retirees are also able to ascertain this information online. A website is available thanks to the Office of the Under Secretary for Defense for Personnel Readiness. They have created a website with an online calculator that is designed to calculate this information with accuracy.

Certain personnel possess special skills, which are beneficial to the army, and they are eligible for incentive bonuses. The Navy often employs personnel with these skills, and pays the personnel accordingly. Specialized and hazardous duties are compensated for as well.The Defense Force attempts to retain all personnel who are specialized in certain skills. At times when these skills are at a shortage, the army will offer special bonuses to ensure that the critical duties are carried out. This is known as the Selective Reenlistment Bonus and personnel can calculate this with the online calculator like other personnel can.    It is important that military personnel are assisted especially when working abroad in order to focus on their duties.  For example when deployed in NATO training exercises many personnel had to use a German proxy to encrypt their internet connections when engaged in online banking or accessing secure web resources

When personnel are deployed overseas, they are entitled to an Overseas Housing Allowance to cover the costs of private dwelling in that country. Soldiers use this money to pay towards moving, maintenance costs, utility and rent costs. Interested parties can access this information online from a website that the government has set up.

Army recruits are given a full set of clothing when they sign up for duty. Each year, the soldiers are issued with money to help with wardrobe maintenance. Personnel which are promoted to Chief Petty Officer will be given an extra allowance to assist with the cost of replacing their uniforms. Every year thereafter, they will be compensated in this way to replace any clothing. One advantage of receiving military pay is that there are numerous tax advantages.