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Cairo Bomb Blast Shocks Egyptians

Two bombs exploded a week last Tuesday in the Egyptian cities of Alexandria and Cairo, killing one civilian, security officials said.

The Cairo home made bomb blast happened in Qasr al-Nil road near a busy square, and was concealed within an electric transformer, local media reported.  The story was covered by many domestic and international media agencies including some British TV station – here.

The blast targeting a police killed one civilian and wounded two others, including a 12-year old lad, near the second city of Alexandria in Egypt, authorities told AFP.

The explosion happened near a residential neighbourhood to the western outskirts of the Mediterranean city.

Authorities said the blast missed the checkpoint, which injure three individuals such as the lad, and was transferred from its earlier place.

Among the two grownups that were injured after died in hospital.

There is no immediate claim of responsibility for the two attacks.

Meanwhile, after two bombs were discovered by authorities in various terminals of the town ‘s major airport security measures heightened, security sources told the news agency.

Airport security said they were reviewing video footage while no arrests were made. The bombs were found using electronic devices.

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The Iraqi Horror – Created by Us

Many people who violently opposed to the invasion of Iraq have had their worse fears realised. The mess orchestrated by Bush and Blair against a tissue of lies and unfounded allegations is becoming worse than any of us realised. Most protestors are not angry, but just bitter and sad that something that was so predicitable should have been allowed to come to pass.

In the UK many people suggested that we were drifting inevitably to war, Blair seemed totally committed to invasion irrespective of the facts. The made up threats of WMDs and dodgy documents supporting their existence were of course all completely wrong, perhaps criminally so. Enough people were outraged in Britain to take to the streets and demonstrate in February 2003, in fact it was the largest organised demo ever. In the end it didn’t matter, Tony Blair was going to follow the US to war whatever.

Their were many in the media supporting him taking us to war and David Aaronovitch stated this a few months after the invasion.

“If Iraq becomes anything like a democratic and pluralistic state, then just about everything that the opponents of intervention predicted will have turned out to be wrong. If it descends into long-term chaos and civil war, then just about everything they said will turn out to have been right.”

This has turned out to chillingly right although it was written from the opposite persective, that war was the only solution to the threat of Iraq.
At the time of the war I was mostly in the USA, and the jingoism and support for the war was in full flow although plenty of opposition too. There was more from the UK though and I remember watching those demonstrations on my laptop (thanks to whilst spending some time in the seat of American power – Washington DC.

Of course it is much easier to be wise after the event, many friends of mine who expressed mild concern at the time have now become vocal campaigners against the invasion. It is of course much too late, the West has gone and left a country in utter chaos. Most of the so called experts in the area (who advised for intervention) are now to be seen on the airwaves stating that collapse is inevitable. There seems no other outcome other than a bitter and brutal civil war with the country ripped apart, worryingly though Iran has suggested that it may offer support and military aid to the incumbent powers – hopefully the irony will not be lost on the people who caused this human catastrophe – Blair and Bush.

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Development Of The Society Lies In Our Hands

Whicle we are looking on the situation of our economy today, have you realized that we are facing a big problem? Some might say that they are not aware on this problem but there some also that would say that they knew about it. The problem is should we have to look at it and never mind on the things that are happening? The society would surely develop if all the people are cooperating; of course, development would never happen if only a few would do the right things in order to progress. Pris på nyt tag plays a big role when it comes on the development of the society. The society would never progress if the people will just sit and watch over on the happenings on their place. As a people living in the place and as a society, we should do something to solve those dilemmas that our place been encountering. The people who are actually living in the place are the responsible in it. The development of the society actually lies in the hand of the people. Have you imagine, who are the inventors of the technologies? Actually, the people are the one who invent technologies, thus, the development of the society lies in our hands.

However, the only problem is that, there are lazy people. Have you ever consider that you and the society are the responsible on one’s place? Yes, if you started it by yourself and also let other realize that they are the one who are responsible on the development of the society then it can be a good start. There are still people who are not aware that they are actually the one who are the reason why the society will never be progressive. Let us cooperate and help each other to bring our society into its success with nyt tag. All of the people are aiming to have a well-developed country and a society thus, we should have to unite. Unity is the best way to make the society develop and never experience crisis. Crises are the top reason why our society is experiencing money problem. Money is not that too important in man’s life if we look into the spiritual aspect but when it comes on the economical aspect of man’s life, money has a big role. A person cannot survive without money.

When checking into these days, money works. When you are going to buy your food, you need money. Money plays a big role in the society, the people who are living in the country and the development of the country. Have you ever we wonder why there are people who are not actually living a life with comfort and at ease? Maybe because they don’t have money to support their financial needs. This is actually true. Many people say that money is evil. Of course, this can be true but bear in mind that everything that is more is evil. You should have to know your limitations and you need to be aware that there are things that are used with limitations as well.  


Source: Nyt Tag

Video Marketing Tricks And Tips Made Easy

Do you think you can utilize video marketing to help you sell your products? Do you know how to get the job done? You have to know the right understanding and information in order to effectively plan a video marketing preparation. Go on reading to discover more applicable information to assist you. If you’re promoting a product, make a video which tells your clients how to employ the product. You can begin with opening the box; run throughout how to put it as one, and then demonstrate them how they can employ it. This will make them understand how much you value your clients. Use measures such as expos and Solenergi to conference experts. You can then place the interviews on your site as a resource for your audience and listeners. Ask the types of queries that your viewers would inquire and try to stay the interview as attention-grabbing as you can to hold your viewer’s interest.

To make video marketing trouble-free then you have to try a video blog. In this kind of video you can share what you are thinking about or running on daily. For example, if your production sells cooking supplies, you could create a video of a recipe, a how-to video on using one of your foodstuffs or cooking instructions. Make the majority of the resources that you have when making a video for advertising. Think of all the various people that you are familiar with. This can assist you to come about with places to shoot your video and people that you can set in it. The further you can get done for free the better. Keep your video high-class. You do not have to go out and use a fortune on luxurious equipment, but you wish to ensure that you do shoot a class video. Using tripods can assist keep your video camera. A badly shot video can in fact damage your business, so you must focus on high quality.

Grab the audience’s attention early in your videos on Solenergi. The key to this is to “pull them in” within the first 10 seconds of a video. You need to do something within this time frame that will leave them in awe and wanting more. Once you have their attention, you must keep them engaged by having interesting and important information in the rest of the video. Don’t put off video marketing just because you don’t have the perfect equipment. Investing in high quality cameras, microphones, and editing software is a huge commitment, and one that you might not be ready to make. Instead, focus on the quality of your video’s content, designing it to draw viewers. After you have started a video campaign and seen that it is drawing customers, then you can choose whether or not to invest in expensive equipment. Do you feel like you know more about using video marketing strategies to help you grow your business? There is a wealth of information out there to help you, so continue learning as you start coming up with a plan. Use the video marketing techniques you’ve learned to get you started today.


Middle East Peace Some Day

Stopping the bombs between Israel and Palestine should not be this difficult should it?  Here’s why I say that, quite simply every American administration as well as every international body has made peace in the middle east among its top goals.

So here’s the main issue, according to me at least.

First, you’ve got a bunch of bad neighbors.  Now I don’t mean to say that these countries are bad in some real way, but goverments have been anything but stable of late right? Syria is in a state of Civil War.  Lebanon saw its government fall completely.  Jordan has what amounts of a Constitutional Dictator. It’s a mess huh?

U.S. Military Increases Pay for Service Members in 2013

Pay for U.S. military members increased approximately 1.7% in 2013.  This is yet another indicator that the American military machine shows no signs of slowing anytime soon.

The 2013 Military Pay Chart is a bit misleading, however, as it only covers basic pay.  Service members are afforded countless other perks as well as allowances that can substantially increase pay even more.


Allowances are the second most important element of military pay. Allowances are moneys provided for specific needs, such as food or housing. Monetary allowances are provided when the government does not provide for that specific need. For example, the quantity of government housing is not sufficient to house all military members and their families. Those who live in government housing do not receive full housing allowances, they will also be able to access subsidized facilities such as internet access and even discounts on a US or England proxy when working abroad. Those who do not live in government housing receive allowances to assist them in obtaining commercial housing.

The most common allowances are Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) and Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). A majority of the force receives both of these allowances and, in many cases, these allowances comprise a significant portion of the member’s total pay.

Most allowances are not taxable, which is an additional imbedded benefit of military pay.

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The World Peace Connection: Greenhouses Promoting Pacifism


You may think of greenhouses as merely a place to grow flowers or vegetables, but some people have more purposeful plans for them. A greenhouse is a peaceful place by nature, and some enthusiasts are taking that perception a step further, transforming greenhouses into venues for promoting their visions of World Peace.


Organic Greenhouse Farming for Peace


In the middle of Iowa farm country nestles a small town with the incongruous name of Maharishi Vedic City. The town itself was incorporated only a decade ago, and its architecture (as well as its name) reflects an ancient style inspired by spiritual Sanskrit texts, designed to promote prosperity and peace among its residents. This little village stands out from surrounding farm towns with its architecture and its unusual philosophy and practices.


Citizens engage en masse in transcendental meditation, and the city owns an astronomical observatory for the study of the suggested relationships between heavenly bodies and human happiness. The town runs almost entirely on power generated by renewable resources, and the city-owned organic farm prohibits use of any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Sales of non-organic foods are banned in town, and the city’s Constitutional goals center on ensuring the nourishment and satisfaction of its citizens, as well as celebrating the variety of religious, cultural, and social traditions.


This unusual approach to city planning is the foundation for the town’s primary project: promoting World Peace through the practice of “Greenhouse Organic Agriculture.” Proceeds from the city-owned organic farm, described as a hundred-acre operation of timber greenhouses, support their organization GCWP (Global Country of World Peace), which is headquartered in town.


A Greenhouse Café as a Gathering Place for Peace


In Sherborn, Massachusetts there stands another greenhouse that serves as a focal point for peace. The Peace Abbey, located in the picturesquely named Strawberry Fields, is a Center that promotes the practice and study of Pacifism. Some of its offerings include:


·         Pacifist Memorial to people who have made a stand against war


·         Life Experience School for teens and young adults with physical or emotional challenges


·         VeganPeace sanctuary for animals that would otherwise be destined for the slaughterhouse.


·         Vegetarian Resource Center provides educational materials to assist and inspire people adapting to life as vegetarians.


·         Pacifist living history museum, housing many manuscripts and relics of the Peace Movement.


And of course there’s the central focus: the Greenhouse Café. Housed in an actual greenhouse, this gathering place hosts environmentalists and idealists, artists, dreamers, and activists for social change.


Promote Peace in Your Own Garden Greenhouse


Greenhouses seem like natural places to contemplate peace. People use them as sites for yoga and meditation, or even informal contemplation of nature and beauty. Some folks add a small water feature for its soothing sounds, or even use a small speaker-system to play soft background music.


Greenhouses can also utilize renewable resources and provide herbal and vegetable resources for a family or neighborhood. Given that “limited resources” often lead to conflict, greenhouse gardening can actively promote peace at a local level. You can use your own greenhouse to cultivate some personal peace, right alongside your vegetables!

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Live Peacefully With No Worries At All

From the smallest problem of our country up to the biggest issue, we can’t deny the fact that living peacefully is always involved. Yes, we always hear about crime rates that are always increasing and aside from that, the more worst that comes into the biggest issue is all about war. Solving some small crimes from our locality can be very difficult to us, how much more when it comes to war ask professor Zoll from Oklahoma University? It is always been a perfect way of living life with no worries at all. It can be relaxing when we are sleeping at night without thinking anything like waking up in the middle of the night because we are worried that there might be a war. All of us are not wishing to have a way of living like this and we have to do something about this. In fact, war is a big problem from the past and until now; there is still no solution on how to stop this. Yet here are remedies done just to get rid of it in order not to happen but still few days, months or years, again the issue comes back as Zoll mentions in his writing about world peace, which you can take a sneak peek at on his blog here Click here for info on Zoll.

Government leaders are now being crazy on looking and seeking for the best solution for this just to live a peaceful life and be confident that there will be no war to happen again. We are really tired of the war because it destructs our daily living. It can be very relaxing if we are going to wake up early in the morning, prepare hot cup of coffee and then going to work peacefully. It is really a good and peaceful life routine compared on having difficulties to sleep at night and we don’t have enough sleep because we are worried of the war. When we are going to wake up in the morning ready for work, we don’t have enough sleep and worried on our way to work because there might be a war to happen.

This is now the time to stop war and live in a life with no worries at all. World peace will always be the first and foremost priorities to each one of us so that we will live our life free from any troubles and worries says Zoll, he even posted an anti war picture called hjertestarter here at Hjertestarter. There are assigned people who are called the peace keepers that are why we have to be calm but we don’t have to lend and depend on them always as we have also responsibilities in the society.   It doesn’t need any outside influence or stimulants like drugs or alcohol.  For those who do suffer for some sort of dependencies on alcohol particularly, there’s something called Selincro you can buy which helps.

Living a peaceful life should start first on our family. So, having a peaceful life with our family is the model to live into a peaceful life. After that, the society will be the next concern. We heard news nowadays that there are countries use to attack a certain country and war happens. So, this is the right time to think about on what will be the best solution in order to stop this very destructing issue. But before that, you need to have more knowledge in your life. Peace in mind comes first before you go for peace in life and then go much bigger aspect, peace in the world according to professor Zoll.