German Foreign Policy Stance to Change

Germany will alter its security strategy, called the White Book, in response to Russia’s activities and efforts to use “power politics and military force”.
“We should have no delusions. Kremlin’s new policy started long before the disaster in Ukraine and can take us for an extremely very very long time to come,” she added. Until now, Germany directed a drive to impose sanctions against Russia and supported a diplomatic way to solve the crisis in Ukraine, in accordance with Reuters.

In the newest strategy, German armed forces can be more involved in strengthening something which is already occurring in Eastern Europe, NATO’s defense. Moreover, it’ll be a solution to other developments including the growth of cyber assaults, the Arab Spring, climate change and the militant Islamic State, which reveals that a more assertive international function is being sought by Germany.   As demonstrated in a recent documentary on British Television, which you can gain access here on an iPad – there have already been many fundamental changes in their foreign policy. Germany made a decision to send arms and ammo a year ago and the Parliament approved sending up to 100 soldiers to train these forces last month.

The White Books are released by the German Defense Ministry to summarize the strategic plan as well as the last one came out in 2006. The state was reluctant in taking parts until now as well as even though the public opinion was against any military purpose in international conflicts, the government officials asked recently to get a much more aggressive foreign policy.

James Stirling