Let’s Stop The War

Most people would love to live in a world where there are only peace and war is a word nobody knows. It would surely have a good social communciations, good relationship to each other and having a peace country. It can be very appreciating and happy if every country, all country, in the world has good relationship. People who are living in a certain local area and place will surely live a healthy living. Of course, no one wants to live in a place where every people have hatred to each other and an enemy neighbor. It can be inspiring if you are living in a place where neighbors loved each other and helping one another. Yes, all of us are dreaming of this and this can be possible when we work on this. Others say that we can live in a peaceful life and peaceful place if we learn to love each other. But, the most and important on this is that you must have to love yourself first before you love other people. If you learn to love yourself, then you are now reasdy to love other people and this starts peace. BI Software or even data mining can help a lot on this.

Others say that we can have a peaceful community if we love each other and yet this is true. However, there is a most effective way on how to live a peaceful life and it starts in you. If you put into your mind and have that principle of being a peace-lover and peace-maker, then a peaceful community is possible. How do you battle the war? Are the present-day terrorists just like those militaristic antagonists that we had to deal with in the past? I don’t believe so. There are two primary variations between them. The army villain of previous times, such as the Nazis and the Communists, always had a nation which they attack homes. Modern terrorists don’t have a particular nation which they can owe allegiance . They are much more international in their outreach. Consequently, it’s was much simpler to battle our militaristic antagonists in previous times because we could always focus are primary initiatives in combativeness against a particular nation in a particular place. These days our focus has to boost itself world-wide in opportunity with BI Software.

The other distinction between our militaristic antagonists of previous times and those of the present-day are that those of previous times didn’t believe in God, or believed they were God, and those these days do believe in God, or actually think they are doing the Will of God in spending their functions of assault. This indicates that these terrorists in the existing have a much greater inspirational objective in spending their functions of assault than those of previous times did. Therefore, I believe, it’s going to be more complicated to prevent the present-day terrorists from interesting in their actions, regardless of what techniques one uses, than it did to prevent our previous antagonists. Now how are we fighting the present-day terrorism? We’re doing it in various methods such as BI Software. We’re trying to do it through knowledge, by interfering with their economical transferences, and by army indicates.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgS3Wf3uPn8

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