The Discipline of Peaceful Thought

Take a step back from all the warring, bombing, hatred and killing for just a moment and find a moment to think a happy thought. Sure it can seem to be tough to do that when there is a great high wall of resentment and hate in the way.

But do it anyway. If for no other reason other than the simple fact that you can.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with anything related to whatever it is that people find excuses to kill and main each other for, here’s the thing.

Every human has a mind and the ability to think. And get this. Our thoughts are actually the only things in this life that we have complete and total control over. We can think anything we want to and nobody else can make us think what they want us to think.

Take that away and mull it over in your mind for a while. You’ll agree the above point is completely true and it is explained at length in the many explanatory articles published at Sure, we can be tricked into thinking about whatever is going on around us. Most of do exactly that for most of the time.

But when we choose our own thoughts, we have complete control over what goes on inside our heads no matter what anyone or anything else may try to do to stop us. That fact alone could change the world in a heartbeat if only everyone were aware of it.

The reason would be that people who have been tricked into following the lead of the haters and terrorists would suddenly realise they have a mind of their own, their own opinions and their own ideas and they don’t have to follow someone else’s crusade any more.

When it becomes clear that every one of us can create our own ideas and choose the way in which we live our lives, there would be no more need for blind hatred created by a mob mentality. The individual mentality would surface and question the motives of the people they once followed equally as blindly.

All wars could and would likely cease. All inter-racial and inter-religious hatred would dissolve because there would no longer be any basis for it as people’s thoughts turned to those of peace and happiness.

It only ever existed in the first place because it was born in the mind of unstable individuals with a thirst for power and the ability to sway the opinions of weaker minded people who didn’t know they held the power of their own destinies in their ability to think for themselves. The world would certainly be a different place today.