The Most Peaceful Places on Earth

We all know what the world’s most dangerous places are. This is solely based on what we see on the local and world news channels. People would immediately conclude that the countries under war are the most dangerous places in the entire world. This is true since a country involved in war involves a lot of killings, misunderstandings, chaos, hunger and every negative aspect you can ever think of. Most people would never want to visit these countries again. The question is, are there still parts of the world that are considered to be safe places? In this world we live in today, it seems very impossible to have such places. But actually, there are safe places on Earth. Let us take a look at the safest and most peaceful places on Earth.

And the most peaceful place on earth goes to… Iceland. This small country, with only 320,000 residents has been considered as the most peaceful country all over the world for two straight years now. Iceland is considered the most peaceful place on Earth based on the homicide rate, weapon importations, and the likelihood of any violent demonstrations.

Denmark and New Zealand are tied for the second most peaceful place on Earth. Now only are these two countries very peaceful, they also have good economies. This is one factor that decreases the levels of crimes and conflicts among the people. If a nation has a bad economy, then there is a high tendency that it would become chaotic. Denmark recognizes freedom of speech. They value each and everyone’s opinions. New Zealand on the other hand has a small proportion of inmates. New Zealand also has good ties with Australia which helped it achieve the number two spot for the most peaceful country of 2012.

According to the study that was made to determine the level of peacefulness a country has, Somalia, Afghanistan and Sudan were found to be the least peaceful places. The terror levels are extremely high on these countries. Although they may be at the bottom rank when it comes to the peacefulness, there is still hope. It just takes time to improve for the better. To improve or develop something, we just need to do a lot of work, just like using your favourite hair removal device. It takes time before you can achieve the results you want. A hair removal device is an amazing invention but it is not a magic wand. You can’t really get the results you want in just a single use. The purpose of hair removal devices are to eliminate unwanted hair and keeps the skin silky smooth. If we expect to achieve or acquire these benefits in a couple of days, then we would just end up being disappointed. Visit to learn how the device works.

Peace is not something that is given; it is a product of hard work and determination to make things more orderly.