What Next for President Assad

There are signs now that president Assad has indeed won his civil war, at least to some extent.  Most of the democratic nations have already declared that there can be no lasting peace with him in power.  However that looks unlikely so what is going to happen next.

The next moves will probably belong to President Assad and it helps to understand a little about the man. Remember Assad isn’t just a throwback Bedouin, he is an educated man with a background that includes some pretty ruthless individuals. He also has the backing of at least one superpower – Russia.  As for Russia, he said there is a good, strong and historical relation between Moscow and Damascus. He wants to to avoid that outcome at all costs. He acknowledged that his generals have had to move forces from one front to another in order to protect areas that are militarily, politically or economically more important. He is unlikely to regain control over all of Syria, although he is well situated to continue fighting in 2017 and to prevent the opposition from taking over the rest of the country.

Assad’s wife herself remains able to go to the UK due to her British citizenship but is banned from getting into the remainder of the EU.  Media coverage over the war in Syria has been falling over the last few months although the larger international media companies still have many reported there.    You can access channels like Al Jazeera and the BBC depending on your location – this post shows how to use a BBC proxy to access from blocked locations.

Moscow believes Western military intervention would not simply infringe on Syria’s sovereignty, but nevertheless, it would also cause instability across the area. Furthermore, Russia is the largest extractor of pure gas on earth. It’s not simply about Syria. There are a few really bad folks in Syria at this time, on the opposition side. It is about a lot of things, most of which are volatile, many unsolvable. “it is the heart of the Middle East.

Since the beginning of the calendar year, rebels have produced substantial gains across Syria, particularly in the northwest and the south. The Syrian army is extraordinarily motivated and thoroughly trained now. It seems that the Syrian army proceeds to utilize indiscriminate weapons like barrel bombs, which have devastating results on civilians. Obviously, whenever you have war and terrorism innocent individuals die. The war cannot go on forever. So, it’s not an effortless war from a military perspective.

Terrorism is growing rather than declining. When you discuss terrorism, you are in possession of a complete mountain below the sea. You can’t be with and against terrorism at the very same moment. Unless you can find out the way to eliminate a threat by getting to its causes, he stated, the threat will continue and you have in order to predict where it could go. It is a huge threat of global peace and security. Rather, it’s fear and the feeling that the Sunni-majority rebels don’t have a crystal clear vision. People today want to accept the chance that two bad individuals may be fighting one another and that pretty much sucks for everybody.

For sure, the folks are somewhat more important. Most people today believe what’s convenient for them and what they wish to trust. As the remainder of the Middle East backs the strong horse” in the area, Russia will attempt to set a military presence in the place where they’ve never had one before. Nobody will even know that they’re gone. Because a large part of the Syrian men and women support me.

You ought to be part of it and democratize the nation. Massive regions of the country are still past the control of Assads military and a lot of the territory he does rule was shattered by six decades of warfare. Without that, the entire country is going to be destroyed. At any time you have chaos in a particular nation, this is a fertile soil for those terrorists to come. Every state ought to be an American satellite. Except the exact ideological men and women who have Wahhabi frame of mind and ideology.

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