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Strong leadership skills are supreme to generating an effective team and to lead an organization to greatness. Billige træpiller will help you developed your leadership skills and to successfully lead your country or even a small group. In order to become a strong leader, develop your own skill and look no further than this article. Briketter will provide you with a bevy of information that can develop your leadership capabilities and to assist you to new heights in the business world. Hire people who will advance your business objectives. Rather, this means people who are intelligent enough can solve problems and most significantly have some experience in your business field. Do some proper research and make sure you check references that you don’t get scammed by someone with a silver tongue and a fake resume. Allow full opportunity for your employees to give feedback and new ideas. Though group meetings are the perfect setting for exchange of info, some employees may not feel assured offering opinions in such a public forum. Work with employees one-by-one as well. This will assist you gain trust and get some honest feedbacks. You should walk the talk. Leader does not say one thing and do another. That is confusing to employees and demotivating in many techniques.

Live by what you say instead. Lead by and follow through by example. Then you will have more than employees, you will champions who believe in your leadership and business too. If you are able to communicate your vision to your team, then you can be a great leader. Billige træpiller will clearly explain what the common goal is and introduce a vision of success in the team. Leadership plays a big role like getting everyone working together in harmony and cooperation. Handling a group can truly be a daunting task. Handling a group would not make your work simple. You would face lots of problems and you need to be ready on your patience and knowledge on how to deal with it. You should have trust on yourself and your abilities in order to be a strong leader. Let your employees see you do things and work. You should work while your employees are watching and do everything open doors so that workers know what you are working.

Briketter will let your employees do as what you do and not just as you say. It is important to be truthful about the situation when trying to be a good leader. Let your team know if something is not working our as being planned. Tell them if you have something you want to change. Whether it can be good news or bad, your team needs to know what exactly is going on. You can stick with your objectives. Leaders tend to fail when they switch ideas when things get hard. You need to stick with the goals you established and do what you are able to do to stay on one path until finished. Do so carefully and avoid doing it too much.

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Latest News On The Year 2013

The news nowadays comes into different kinds. There are news about health, showbiz, sports, politics and a lot more. The most trending news today is the herre ure. This talked about watches. Watches become trending that makes it connected to the people’s lifestyle. No matter what kind of news is it, it would still be related and become connected to our daily lives and daily activities. With the various kinds of news which getting the attention of the society, it will still last. 2013 is about to end and we will be welcoming the New Year 2014. But, we need to open our eyes on the possible news today which will still be present until 2014 and remained unsolved. So, it is better to know that news which might not be resolved on today’s present year in order to start a fresh New Year of 2014. The depth coverage and breaking news will always still be on the headlines especially if the issue has no result. With the stories presented on photos and videos, you can easily get an idea on what is the news about and how does it affects the whole world. No matter what, we need to be aware on the latest news especially when it can affect our lives and to the world. This is the only idea so that we will be aware on the current events.

We heard news about health. Health is vital in man’s life and this should always be delivered as headlines. We should be meticulous when it comes onto our health. Of course, there are numbers of concerns when it comes onto the health of an individual. Being careful and wise on any decisions that would affect the entire health is essential. Therefore, news that is being broadcast about health is very helpful. This will always remind us that we should take cared our body to protect our health.

Showbiz is a part of news. People are always keeping on following show business. It is a part of entertainment and we can’t deny the fact that we all love entertainment. We usually seek for an entertainment in order to relief our stress or to spend our leisure time together with our family and friends. Thus, this makes connected to the latest news on the year 2013. The herre ure is one of the best entertainments that get millions of votes this year. The watch is the main cast which makes the movies perfect. Show business will always be connected into our lives especially because we all love entertainments with no age limit of course.

Sports are a form of physical activity which will improve the speed, capacity, skills of a person especially on improving the physical and mental aspect of its life. With sports, many people like listening and watching news about the latest sports in 2013 such as the National Basketball Association game, World Boxing Organization and Soccer. The mentioned kinds of sports become trending in 2013 and always on the headlines.

Politics will never be absent when it comes into news. This is the most trending of all the news because this involves the leadership. You can read more about this latest news in 2013 when you read further on this article.


2014 American Military Pay

The American military is set to give its members another pay boost this year.  This 2014 military pay chart shows how the 1.0% proposed pay raise is set to affect military pay.

Wording that is used by Congress with regards to increases in military pay means that increases are only effective on January 1st each month. Congress uses specific wording in the yearly Military Appropriations Act as well as the Military Authorizations act. These two acts have to be passed by Congress, and the President is charged with the responsibility of signing the increases into law before the army can implement the increases.

The Military Appropriations Act ensures that money is set aside for this purpose. The Act is used to instruct the Department of Defense how to spend the money. The Defense Force is unable to issue any increases until both acts have been passed into the law.

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Any military personnel who live off base will receive an allowance each month which is to be used towards the cost of accommodation. This allowance is referred to as a BAH. Military members who reside on the base are entitled to free food, provided that they eat in the base dining room. Personnel who live off the base may eat in the base dining room. However, they will have to pay for every meal that they eat.

Occasionally, the military will send personnel to other bases and in this instance, a Family Separation Allowance is due. Family Separation Allowance is only payable to personnel who are separated from their children and or spouses. In order to qualify for the allowance, personnel have to be apart from their families for thirty days or more.

Army personnel who are ranked lowly are eligible for Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance.This is for personnel who would normally be eligible for food stamps. While personnel claim this tax-free perk, they are forbidden to claim for food stamps. When personnel are called away to combat, they also receive an allowance that is not taxed. In some cases, a certain portion of their other pay is not taxed either.

All army personnel are entitled to a yearly tax-free allowance to assist them with uniform maintenance. Army personnel which belong to the Reserves, and the National Guard receives a drill allowance. Allowances are paid for the amount of drills that personnel partake in. Higher ranking personnel receive more money than the lower-ranking personnel receive. The army also takes the length of service into account when determining these allowances.  You can use these allowances to purchase tools and services like a fast proxy which can be used to access local resources from overseas locations.

Should Reserves and National Guard members be deployed for more than thirty days, they are entitled to full Basic Housing Allowance. Members who are deployed for less than this amount of time will be remunerated in a different way. These soldiers will receive less money, and their allowance is known as a BAS RC/Transient allowance. Personnel who are ordered by the court to pay child support are given money based on the difference between dependent and single rate. The allowance is referred to as Differential Pay.

Army personnel who live in government quarters without any dependents do receive a Partial rate Basic Allowance. This is conditional on them living in barracks or dormitories and not being compensated with any other kind of housing allowance. Soldiers receive this money to compensate for the lowered standard of living that barracks provide to soldiers.

Flight compensation is available to personnel, which engage in more flight duties than other personnel. Should any personnel engage in hazardous or dangerous duties they will be compensated with a special monthly allowance. Members of the Navy who dive regularly also get compensated via an extra allowance. Divers should engage in training and be involved in assignments in order to qualify for this allowance. Career Sea Pay is payable to personnel who perform duties at sea. All Navy personnel who engage in submarine duty are eligible to receive Submarine Duty Pay.

Some of the higher-ranking officials in the army are entitled to a special Personal Money Allowance which they receive every month. It is interesting to note that army personnel that are responsible for dependents will be paid more money than their single counterparts. Army personnel are able to calculate how much money is due to them via online calculators. These systems are technologically advanced and allow personnel to access pay and leave statements at the click of a button. Personnel from all sectors of the army are able to determine how much money is due to them each month.

Even retirees are eligible for income, and they too can access this information via the Internet. Surviving spouses of retirees are also able to ascertain this information online. A website is available thanks to the Office of the Under Secretary for Defense for Personnel Readiness. They have created a website with an online calculator that is designed to calculate this information with accuracy.

Certain personnel possess special skills, which are beneficial to the army, and they are eligible for incentive bonuses. The Navy often employs personnel with these skills, and pays the personnel accordingly. Specialized and hazardous duties are compensated for as well.The Defense Force attempts to retain all personnel who are specialized in certain skills. At times when these skills are at a shortage, the army will offer special bonuses to ensure that the critical duties are carried out. This is known as the Selective Reenlistment Bonus and personnel can calculate this with the online calculator like other personnel can.    It is important that military personnel are assisted especially when working abroad in order to focus on their duties.  For example when deployed in NATO training exercises many personnel had to use a German proxy to encrypt their internet connections when engaged in online banking or accessing secure web resources

When personnel are deployed overseas, they are entitled to an Overseas Housing Allowance to cover the costs of private dwelling in that country. Soldiers use this money to pay towards moving, maintenance costs, utility and rent costs. Interested parties can access this information online from a website that the government has set up.

Army recruits are given a full set of clothing when they sign up for duty. Each year, the soldiers are issued with money to help with wardrobe maintenance. Personnel which are promoted to Chief Petty Officer will be given an extra allowance to assist with the cost of replacing their uniforms. Every year thereafter, they will be compensated in this way to replace any clothing. One advantage of receiving military pay is that there are numerous tax advantages.

Development Of The Society Lies In Our Hands

Whicle we are looking on the situation of our economy today, have you realized that we are facing a big problem? Some might say that they are not aware on this problem but there some also that would say that they knew about it. The problem is should we have to look at it and never mind on the things that are happening? The society would surely develop if all the people are cooperating; of course, development would never happen if only a few would do the right things in order to progress. Pris på nyt tag plays a big role when it comes on the development of the society. The society would never progress if the people will just sit and watch over on the happenings on their place. As a people living in the place and as a society, we should do something to solve those dilemmas that our place been encountering. The people who are actually living in the place are the responsible in it. The development of the society actually lies in the hand of the people. Have you imagine, who are the inventors of the technologies? Actually, the people are the one who invent technologies, thus, the development of the society lies in our hands.

However, the only problem is that, there are lazy people. Have you ever consider that you and the society are the responsible on one’s place? Yes, if you started it by yourself and also let other realize that they are the one who are responsible on the development of the society then it can be a good start. There are still people who are not aware that they are actually the one who are the reason why the society will never be progressive. Let us cooperate and help each other to bring our society into its success with nyt tag. All of the people are aiming to have a well-developed country and a society thus, we should have to unite. Unity is the best way to make the society develop and never experience crisis. Crises are the top reason why our society is experiencing money problem. Money is not that too important in man’s life if we look into the spiritual aspect but when it comes on the economical aspect of man’s life, money has a big role. A person cannot survive without money.

When checking into these days, money works. When you are going to buy your food, you need money. Money plays a big role in the society, the people who are living in the country and the development of the country. Have you ever we wonder why there are people who are not actually living a life with comfort and at ease? Maybe because they don’t have money to support their financial needs. This is actually true. Many people say that money is evil. Of course, this can be true but bear in mind that everything that is more is evil. You should have to know your limitations and you need to be aware that there are things that are used with limitations as well.  


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Gathering News About Greenhouse Farming

Peace may start on own yourself. You can feel the essence of peace only if you have peace in your heart and in your mind and everything will go smooth. Start it in yourself and in this way you can contribute peace to the world. A simple garden in your backyard will be a sign or a product of peace. Since you have peace in your whole self you can make a plant grow in a most possible way. You can plant green plants or vegetables in your yard. You can gather more information from the web, Udlejning af jukeboks and some news regarding on the putting up a green plantation. When you are planning to plant different plant in your garden at your backyard this kind of plantation will be considered as greenhouse farming or greenhouse plantation.  This greenhouse farming classified as organic farming since the most practice of organic farmer is to plant flowers and herb, and also vegetables. In most cases this greenhouse farming business is very competitive.

Through the news you have gathered with regards in this greenhouse farming you will be guided on how to start this kind of business.

Video Marketing Tricks And Tips Made Easy

Do you think you can utilize video marketing to help you sell your products? Do you know how to get the job done? You have to know the right understanding and information in order to effectively plan a video marketing preparation. Go on reading to discover more applicable information to assist you. If you’re promoting a product, make a video which tells your clients how to employ the product. You can begin with opening the box; run throughout how to put it as one, and then demonstrate them how they can employ it. This will make them understand how much you value your clients. Use measures such as expos and Solenergi to conference experts. You can then place the interviews on your site as a resource for your audience and listeners. Ask the types of queries that your viewers would inquire and try to stay the interview as attention-grabbing as you can to hold your viewer’s interest.

To make video marketing trouble-free then you have to try a video blog. In this kind of video you can share what you are thinking about or running on daily. For example, if your production sells cooking supplies, you could create a video of a recipe, a how-to video on using one of your foodstuffs or cooking instructions. Make the majority of the resources that you have when making a video for advertising. Think of all the various people that you are familiar with. This can assist you to come about with places to shoot your video and people that you can set in it. The further you can get done for free the better. Keep your video high-class. You do not have to go out and use a fortune on luxurious equipment, but you wish to ensure that you do shoot a class video. Using tripods can assist keep your video camera. A badly shot video can in fact damage your business, so you must focus on high quality.

Grab the audience’s attention early in your videos on Solenergi. The key to this is to “pull them in” within the first 10 seconds of a video. You need to do something within this time frame that will leave them in awe and wanting more. Once you have their attention, you must keep them engaged by having interesting and important information in the rest of the video. Don’t put off video marketing just because you don’t have the perfect equipment. Investing in high quality cameras, microphones, and editing software is a huge commitment, and one that you might not be ready to make. Instead, focus on the quality of your video’s content, designing it to draw viewers. After you have started a video campaign and seen that it is drawing customers, then you can choose whether or not to invest in expensive equipment. Do you feel like you know more about using video marketing strategies to help you grow your business? There is a wealth of information out there to help you, so continue learning as you start coming up with a plan. Use the video marketing techniques you’ve learned to get you started today.


Iran, Syria and Others

Given the situation in Iran, Syria, North Korea and other states, I wonder, what amount of influence do you expect companies to wield? I mean, a friend who sells gift baskets online shouldn’t have to worry about this kind of stuff with his business do you think?

I think the more pertinent question starts to change though as we talk about different sizes in business, right? I mean, if you happen to be the CEO of a company the size of Fedex, tasked with delivering packages to some of the countries in question-how closely do you look into what is being shipped?

Turkish Protests Gather Steam

The number of injured is starting to climb as the Turkish protests enter their fourth day.  There are many reports suggesting over a thousand people in Istanbul alone have been injured with hundreds more in the other major cities.  Many of the casualties have been blamed on the very aggressive response from the Turkish police who have used tear gas and high powered water cannons.  There are also some reports of deaths on social media sites but these have not been confirmed anywhere officially.

In the suburb of Besiktas, the area looked more like a battlefield – many protestors and police facing each other in a stand off. The police and army have already assigned a cordon around the Prime Minister’s office as crowds began to multiply there.  Although the protest started on a very small scale and was focussed against the destruction of one of Istanbul’s last parks the protest has moved on from then.  This was partly due to the hugely over the top reaction of the police who used tear gas and water cannons against a small peaceful protest – a mistake many aggressive rules have made over the years.

It seems now the portest is centred against the growing Islamisation of the country.  These include worries about womens rights and laws being assigned against alcohol and other non-mulsim behaviour.  Turkey has a very young population who have grown up and are worried about the increasing erosion of their rights.

There are now hundreds in police custody and the protests have spread to Turkey’s biggest cities. The Prime Minister has also been heavily criticised for the apparent censorship of some of the country’s media who seem to be under instruction to under play reporting of the protests.  Increasing censorship has also been a worry for the people of Turkey – if you need to get access to the Turkish media channels you may need to use a Turkish proxy server or software to hide your IP address.  Although there is better coverage on the various social media sites which the Prime Minister thinks are so evil like Twitter.  Funny how people in power always seem to dislike things that allow communication!

It may change but the censorship list grows longer by the month, the high profile blocks like Youtube and Facebook didn’t last long (and were circumvented easily – see this)

Decrease Military Spending and Reduce Public Debt

We should encourage our governments to decrease their spending on military and start focusing on improving the financial health of their citizenry.  We should encourage our people to use online tools like this loan calculator to get a handle on personal debt:

Newlyweds and those who are successful in their career are considering a car loan or a mortgage loan. These are major steps and reveals the desire to demonstrate independence and maturity when it comes to personal finances. Nevertheless, a great number of people are not aware how to deal with the requirements of a house loan or auto loan. Prospective clients find it hard to spend so much time reading the forms and the fine print in the agreement. Many are intimidated when it comes to making calculations because they know that a mistake in this area could create a chain reaction of problems that may lead them to a financial hole. They do not want people to know that they struggle in this area.

Most banks and lending institutions try their best to reduce the fear factor by integrating helpful tools in the company’s websites. Nevertheless, prospective clients are not comfortable grappling with the requirements in a loan processing scheme. These companies must consider linking their website to PaymentBot, an online loan payment calculator service provider. It is also a way to attract potential clients.

The creators of PaymentBot are aware of the fact that a loan calculator is the only tool needed to have a clear picture of the financial aspect of the car or home loan. They are also mindful of the fact that a functional and effective loan calculator helps clients arrive at an accurate estimate of the cost of the loan and their monthly payments. The creator of PaymentBot understands the need for convenience and made sure that the client does not require the assistance of an accountant to figure out complex mathematical formulas. Thus, visitors to the PaymentBot site will find that the interest rate and other formulas are already integrated into the system making it easier for the user to concentrate on the loan amount.

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Additional Information on online videos – here


Israeli and Syria

Over the past few days, the Civil War in Syria has taken on an ominous new tone.  First, there are multiple reports of chemical weapons being used by both sides. Where rebels would have gotten chemical weapons isn’t exactly clear, unless of course the Syrian Regime had them and then had part of the scientific community or military defect to the rebels and take the weapons with them.

Secondly, Israeli has bombed targets within Syria.  The Israeli’s don’t say much about this stuff but the intent seems clear-keeping weapons out of the hands of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Basically the region is in bad shape once again and stands to become a complete and utter mess if we aren’t careful.

Peace Through Education

According to most students, the only way peace can be established and maintained is through education.  Most students agree that we need to do away with the threats of bombing one another and instead work to understand each other and thereby attain peace.  So how do we promote education?  One way is to measure academic performance by using a gpa calculator that gives a student an instant snapshot of their progress and performance.

Preparing for college can be a traumatic process. The high-schooler must make a number of major decisions in a short period of time. Some of those decisions will influence his path later on, making it easier and harder to do things later on. Some decisions can be held off, but others must be decided quickly; some decisions close off other paths, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  There can sometimes be simply too much choice, especially if you use a fast vpn and start looking at international options.  There is one indicator that will be very important over the next few years of high school, and that’s the student’s grade point average, and there are numerous GPA calculators out there that can help.

There are some ways to manipulate the GPA, but they all have some limitations. The best way is to take honors classes; these are harder classes, usually college level, that are treated as one grade higher (a “B” is treated as an “A” for GPA calculations) and allow for the possibility of a GPA greater than a 4.0. If you can take some classes that are within your planned major, especially if you have some talent for them, is another way to up your GPA. Be aware that different schools have different classes that they allow or disallow; a GPA calculator can help you figure that out, but remember that if a class does not count towards a particular school’s calculations it may be a class you can relax a little in.

Keep in mind that GPA is not everything. Some schools look for extra-curricular activities, and if you choose the right ones they allow you some relaxation, and you will need it. Some also allow you access to other scholarships,  as well as other GPA-earning activities. Using a GPA calculator can help you navigate the maze of which classes and activities can help you, so just remember to relax, have a little fun, and focus on what you want to be or where you want to go.

gpa calculator

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Middle East Peace Some Day

Stopping the bombs between Israel and Palestine should not be this difficult should it?  Here’s why I say that, quite simply every American administration as well as every international body has made peace in the middle east among its top goals.

So here’s the main issue, according to me at least.

First, you’ve got a bunch of bad neighbors.  Now I don’t mean to say that these countries are bad in some real way, but goverments have been anything but stable of late right? Syria is in a state of Civil War.  Lebanon saw its government fall completely.  Jordan has what amounts of a Constitutional Dictator. It’s a mess huh?

Thousands More Die in Syria

As the world turns it’s gaze towards the Korean peninsula in Syria people are still dying as the conflict ploughs on.  The war has been going on for two years, but the violence looks to be far from over in fact it continues to escalate.  The figures for March say that over six thousand people died in that month alone.  This figure is equal to the total of the first nine years of the conflict.

The Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition group fear that these levels will continue and perhaps rise.  They state that there is little prospect of a political solution and their goal of democracy in Syria doesn’t look any nearer.

The figures could indeed be much, much worse.  The six thousand and five people represent confirmed deaths, they do not include thousands who have gone missing – kidnapped or help in secret detention centres.  There is little doubt that the intensity of the fighting is escalating.

The opposition is gradually getting hold of weapons themselves and their ability to fight back is growing.  The overall death toll from the conflict is estimated to be well over 70,000 by the United Nations however we are unlikely to know the true figures.  There is also the concern that the spreading conflict is interfering with humanitarian aid.  Warehouses and trucks of the Aid organisations mostly contain urgently required food aid are often caught in the crossfire.

The Syria Government although under intense pressure doesn’t look like being defeated anytime soon.  They still have a powerful force and control the majority of the country’s infrastructure.  The protestors still have difficulty organising themselves and communicating particularly as the ruling regime heavily monitor and filter the internet and telecoms network.  Many are forced to use anti-surveillance systems and post online using pseudonyms and German and European proxies like these –

For unbiased news, they frequently use the same technology to access the BBC, NBC and ABC media sites using methods like in this page here –

Nobody can predict what the future holds for the people of Syria.  Yet those initial protests on the back of the Arab Spring uprisings seem an awful long time ago So do the ideals of democracy and freedom that the protesters called for.


How Online Marketing Can Impact the Problems of Bombs and the Arms Race


Even though the Cold War ended decades ago, the problem of bombs proliferation is still present in many parts of the world. It’s something that a lot of people take for granted, but an online marketing strategy can increase public awareness of the issue, the dangers that it poses and ways the problem can be addressed.

How a Marketing Strategy Can Help

A typical marketing strategy will consist of a report or document highlighting a product’s strengths, weaknesses along with the company’s recommendations to promote the product and overcome weaknesses.

A similar approach can be taken with the issues of bombs and nuclear weapons, although there will be some changes. An effective strategy will point out the evils and dangers that these bombs can produce and why their mere presence generates tension. In many cases, simply pointing out the potential hazards posed by the presence of bombs is enough to get the support and sympathy of the people. From there it is only a small step to getting help in finding a solution to reducing the number of bombs in the world. This isn’t something that will happen overnight, but if properly implemented, it can have a huge effect.

Ways of Reducing Bombs

An online marketing company can employ different strategies to help them overcome the bomb problem, such as promoting dialogues and negotiations rather than using force or threats. A marketing company that wants to concentrate on finding ways to stop the development of bombs can also start petitions to stop their development and then get the word out.

It is also worth pointing out that politics plays a role in the production and development of bombs, and this is something that your marketing strategy will want to emphasize as well. If an online marketing company’s strategy is well implemented, it can really make a big difference in stopping the development and use of bombs. 

U.S. Military Increases Pay for Service Members in 2013

Pay for U.S. military members increased approximately 1.7% in 2013.  This is yet another indicator that the American military machine shows no signs of slowing anytime soon.

The 2013 Military Pay Chart is a bit misleading, however, as it only covers basic pay.  Service members are afforded countless other perks as well as allowances that can substantially increase pay even more.


Allowances are the second most important element of military pay. Allowances are moneys provided for specific needs, such as food or housing. Monetary allowances are provided when the government does not provide for that specific need. For example, the quantity of government housing is not sufficient to house all military members and their families. Those who live in government housing do not receive full housing allowances, they will also be able to access subsidized facilities such as internet access and even discounts on a US or England proxy when working abroad. Those who do not live in government housing receive allowances to assist them in obtaining commercial housing.

The most common allowances are Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) and Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). A majority of the force receives both of these allowances and, in many cases, these allowances comprise a significant portion of the member’s total pay.

Most allowances are not taxable, which is an additional imbedded benefit of military pay.

John Hawkins

@Fast USA proxy


Berkeley and It’s Affect on the World

BerkeleyI think every American has some serious preconceived notions of Berkeley. I mean, we’ve all seen the protests over the years, especially back in the 1970’s about the Vietnam war right?

Lately though has Berkeley lost its bite? The 99% protests were largely absent from Berkeley, which made me ask why?

To start, the food and wine scene has taken over in Berkeley.  From the Gourmet Ghetto to any number of wine of the month club offers, there seems to be a new high end food business opening every day in this small city of about one hundred thousand.

Secondly, the current protests were less about the war and more about economic issues.  Given its status as one of the wealthiest small cities in America, it just isn’t a great landing ground for those type of complaints.

The World Peace Connection: Greenhouses Promoting Pacifism


You may think of greenhouses as merely a place to grow flowers or vegetables, but some people have more purposeful plans for them. A greenhouse is a peaceful place by nature, and some enthusiasts are taking that perception a step further, transforming greenhouses into venues for promoting their visions of World Peace.


Organic Greenhouse Farming for Peace


In the middle of Iowa farm country nestles a small town with the incongruous name of Maharishi Vedic City. The town itself was incorporated only a decade ago, and its architecture (as well as its name) reflects an ancient style inspired by spiritual Sanskrit texts, designed to promote prosperity and peace among its residents. This little village stands out from surrounding farm towns with its architecture and its unusual philosophy and practices.


Citizens engage en masse in transcendental meditation, and the city owns an astronomical observatory for the study of the suggested relationships between heavenly bodies and human happiness. The town runs almost entirely on power generated by renewable resources, and the city-owned organic farm prohibits use of any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Sales of non-organic foods are banned in town, and the city’s Constitutional goals center on ensuring the nourishment and satisfaction of its citizens, as well as celebrating the variety of religious, cultural, and social traditions.


This unusual approach to city planning is the foundation for the town’s primary project: promoting World Peace through the practice of “Greenhouse Organic Agriculture.” Proceeds from the city-owned organic farm, described as a hundred-acre operation of timber greenhouses, support their organization GCWP (Global Country of World Peace), which is headquartered in town.


A Greenhouse Café as a Gathering Place for Peace


In Sherborn, Massachusetts there stands another greenhouse that serves as a focal point for peace. The Peace Abbey, located in the picturesquely named Strawberry Fields, is a Center that promotes the practice and study of Pacifism. Some of its offerings include:


·         Pacifist Memorial to people who have made a stand against war


·         Life Experience School for teens and young adults with physical or emotional challenges


·         VeganPeace sanctuary for animals that would otherwise be destined for the slaughterhouse.


·         Vegetarian Resource Center provides educational materials to assist and inspire people adapting to life as vegetarians.


·         Pacifist living history museum, housing many manuscripts and relics of the Peace Movement.


And of course there’s the central focus: the Greenhouse Café. Housed in an actual greenhouse, this gathering place hosts environmentalists and idealists, artists, dreamers, and activists for social change.


Promote Peace in Your Own Garden Greenhouse


Greenhouses seem like natural places to contemplate peace. People use them as sites for yoga and meditation, or even informal contemplation of nature and beauty. Some folks add a small water feature for its soothing sounds, or even use a small speaker-system to play soft background music.


Greenhouses can also utilize renewable resources and provide herbal and vegetable resources for a family or neighborhood. Given that “limited resources” often lead to conflict, greenhouse gardening can actively promote peace at a local level. You can use your own greenhouse to cultivate some personal peace, right alongside your vegetables!

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The No-To-War Yes-To-Peace Campaign

In light of recent violent events documented all around the world, a group of concerned young professionals have united to form the No-To-War Yes-To-Peace Foundation. These young professionals felt quite bothered by news of violence that has affected innocent lives in different areas around the world. Moved by compassion, they decided to organize themselves and attempt to help alleviate some of the suffering caused by war through their foundation. The spokesperson for the foundation, Mr. Michael Pearce, was quoted as saying, “This is our own little way of trying to promote world peace, stop violence, and ease some of the suffering that war brings. We believe that each one of us has a role to play in bringing peace in our world. We hope that through our foundation’s efforts, less people will have to endure the suffering caused by war and other concerned citizens will be given a chance to help in their own way.”

The foundation will hold several fund-raising activities in the coming weeks wherein the proceeds will be used to help the innocent victims of war such as women and young children. Funds will be used to provide food, clothing, and shelter to key areas that have been ravaged by war.

Their first activity will be a Run For Peace Marathon that will be held on October 20th in Seattle. This marathon will be open to both amateur and professional runners and will include several categories, namely, the 3K, the 5K, and the 10K run. The No-To-War Yes-To-Peace Foundation will also be holding a series of fund-raising seminars focusing on the different workouts that are available to people nowadays. This is in recognition of the growing interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The officials of the foundation revealed that they believe that more people will be likely to attend a fundraising event if they will be given a chance to learn more about different workouts that can help them achieve a healthier body. The seminars will feature a p90x review among others.

Aside from the different workouts, the seminars will also feature several lectures regarding healthy eating. Some of the recipes that will be featured may be found on this website.

Rockets Don’t Solve Disputes

Sometimes it looks very much like an argument between five year olds, yet this is much more deadly.  In the Gaza, Hamas are insisting that rocket attacks on Israel will only cease when the gates to the land are opened up.  There arsenal is probably more significant than it has been in years bolstered by weapons from Israel’s many enemies.  Of course Israel is scared that what would flow into Gaza is simply more weapons.

It seems incredible but apparently public opinion in Gaza seems to support continued rocket attacks on Israel.  It might seem crazy to us, but so many in Gaza have lost loved ones and see little hope, revenge and their hatred of Israel is all that remains for many.  But as the rockets fly across to Israel they also fly back into Gaza with devastating effect.

There looks to be no let up in the Israeli bombing campaign which although described as a surgical attack on Hamas military targets, is nonetheless killing many innocents including lots of children.  Israel bombs the homes of high ranking Hamas officials, who of course have children in many cases.

There are reasons to fear that Hamas will battle on, it has been largely isolated in previous years.  However due to the Arab Spring it now has many more potential allies including crucially the peacemaker in the area Egypt.  A ceasefire will have to happen at some point, how many civilians will die before it happens is the worry.  We are not sure of the exact situation in Gaza, many reporters are having to use proxies and vpns like these – in order to get information out.  Others worry that Israel will start to filter internet access to and from the area.


Modern Technology Enables Financial Freedom for Disabled

If you’re disabled then modern technologies and applications level the playing field when it comes to planning your financial future.  Applications such as this compound interest calculator enable you to plan your financial future from the comfort of your own home.  There are of course many of these applications available online, however it’s important to use one in the same country that your investment is based in.  Obviously interest rates, laws and regulations vary greatly across geographic barriers so for example I have to use a UK IP proxy in order to ensure I can access UK sites when I’m abroad.

The compound interest calculator included in most webpages only allows straightforward calculation of the final amount, which is the primary interest of the depositor or the creditor. Since a compound interest scheme involves the same set of quantities for every calculation including the principal amount, the annual nominal interest rate, the number of times the account is compounded per year, and the total number of years, the quantities in the formula can be rearranged so that another quantity of interest can be calculated instead of the usual final amount.

These rearrangements of quantities add more functionality to the compound interest calculator. A particularly important application will be to determine the number of years required to double the principal amount. For instance, the number of years required to reach a final amount of $20,000 from a principal amount of $10,000 at 7% compounded quarterly can be determined. Entering into the compound interest calculator the necessary quantities, the number of years required is 9.9885. In actual scenario, this can be rounded off to 10 years. The effective annual interest is also provided, which is 7.19%. This rate is the nominal version of the compound interest scenario.

For the lender who has control over the interest rate imposed on a certain transaction, he might be interested about determining this quantity so that a particular amount is doubled after a certain number of years. For instance, the situation has the conditions that the principal amount is $10,000 and the desired final amount is $20,000 to be reached at 15 years compounded quarterly. By entering these quantities into the compound interest calculator, the interest rate to be imposed is 4.65%. Equivalently, the effective annual rate is calculated to be 4.73%.

For the depositor who has flexibility on deciding the principal amount to be deposited under a specified set of conditions, he may adjust the principal based on the amount he desires to earn after a certain period. If the depositor wants to grow his money to $20,000 after 5 years at 7% interest rate compounded quarterly, then he must deposit $14,136.49 at the beginning of the term. From this scheme, he has earned an income of $5,863.51 by the end of the term.

The compound interest calculator with reverse calculation functions can solve a great variety of investment-related problems. Being able to project various quantities such as initial and final amounts, interest rate, or number of years helps the investor decide for the most favorable conditions.

James Herring

Author of @spoof my ip

Libya, Syria and Agriculture

Working in the wine industry has given me something of a unique perspective on the Middle East.  While most people only see religious fundamentalism and extremes, I see one of the great hopes for an industry that I love.

Let me explain.  Most of us know that Iraw and much of Mesopotemia has been accepted as the ancestral home of farming.  The Middle East still boats a classic Meditterean climate, which has helped Spain, France and italy to grow some of the best grapes in the world.  As a member of one of the best wine clubs around, I’m frankly pretty excited about the possibility of another region joining those old world producers in crafting high quality wine.  As you might expect, yes there are some problems growing grapes for wine in the region because of religious feelings and local culture, but as we often see…economics are foremost for most people and growing grapes is pretty easy in these climates and return 15x as much money per acre as other fruit like apples.

I specifically mentioned Syria and Libya because they might be the countries most in need of a economic infusion and traditionally have been among the most willing to accept change.

Recent Poll Revealed that Egyptians Want Nuclear Weapons

There is a poll conducted recently showing that Egyptians have raised their views positively about both their neighbor country Iran and them obtaining nuclear weapons, believing the importance of increasing their military power.

Half of the 812 polled citizens, which are women, are being conducted through face-to-face interviews sponsored by a pro-Israel advocacy organization named the Israel Project. With reference to the poll, Iran is favorably viewed, with more than 65% expressing support on the idea to renewing relations between the two countries, and another 61% showing support on the nuclear project by Iran. This shows a huge increase from the 41 percent polled in August 2009.

Many of the polled Egyptians highlighted the needs for their country to have their own nuclear bomb, which is a very scary thought, being in this part of the world which is so turbulent currently. This is a very danger embrace of Iran, with the Egyptians showing support for Tehran in building nuclear weapons. In view of their own domestic economic woes, Egyptians should be more concern of improving their economy rather than focusing on nuclear bombs. In the current economic state, business owners will need to cut down on their budget, and one way is to save on their hosting with a hostgator coupon, thus allowing them more funds for other business expenses.

Visit the Imperial War Museum

If you’re ever in London and have any interest in history in general and war impaticularly, then I urge you to visit the Imperial War Museum.

The museum isn’t just a dull collection of weapons and miltary memoribilia, it tells the stories of those people who’s lives were changed by war.  THere’s a great exhibition based on a familiy’s experience – which showed the reality of life for those left behind during the World Wars.

There’s another exhibition dedicated to the horrors of the holocaust – which demonstrates the Nazi persecution and extermination of the Jews during the 2nd World War,  There are thousands of photos. documents, artefacts and films which together with the real life testimonies make a moving and shocking story.

If you go now, (Oct 2012) until the end of the year.  You can find an exhibition of one of Britain’s most famour photographers Cecil Beaton.  He actually worked as a wartime photographer for the Ministry of Information and this shows some of the amazing pictures he took during the war years.

There  is also a documentary about Cecil Beaton which you can catch if you’re quick on  the BBC.  Fortunately people can now watch the BBC Iplayer abroad now (see here – ) and enjoy the quality entertainment by using a proxy server to access it. This makes you look like you’re based in the UK by using a British IP server and IP address, works a treat !!  Watch this video if you want to see more.

World Peace Begins In You

It is impossible to bring up all the advantages of developing a relaxing and western world, but without a doubt, the Individuals will be the significant benefactors and since they function the government authorities, perception techniques, and organizations those techniques will also advantage. For their initiatives in developing a civil and relaxing Drejebænk. The Individuals will receive a worldwide level of legal individual privileges and rights for those individual privileges that no government or others can ever take away. In a relaxing world there are no opponents, so there is no need to live in worry of war, which indicates our government authorities will have no explanations to develop and maintain large and highly effective army causes that are sometimes used to concept over or bully individuals. In a relaxing world the government authorities will no more be engaged with protecting their nation.

Just think about how many foreign interaction problems that resolves. Since there will be no need to be army extremely abilities in a relaxing and western world, the government authorities can move to be financial, technical, and academic highly abilities that will offer solutions and resources for this whole world. Those sectors that were part of the army assistance techniques would need to transformed to sectors that are supported and backed up by our government authorities that research and develop new techniques for military use, transport, and upcoming enhancements that advantages anyone. The significant organizations and businesses would gain because World peace would bring success for all individuals by developing a financial growth in this world like we have never seen before. The demand for all goods and solutions would start up all over this world mainly because when there is no more any profit in war and the only position to invest is in areas that offer goods and solutions for those.

Imagine how many nations need new or modified facilities techniques, such as the building of medical centers, academic institutions, homes, roadways, railways, international airports, industries, farming, stores, dining places, and all the assistance techniques to keep these factors performing. All the significant organizations are looking for new markets to do business in and now they would have the whole world start and available for their items. It is not hard to suppose this financial growth long-lasting Drejebænk into the long run. The perception techniques will advantage by the point that anyone are free and have a right to praise as they choose. In a western world it would be required that the perception techniques come together and embrace a doctrine of peace and regard between all perception techniques based on the fact that there is only one God and perception is only a method for praise and serve that one God.

Finally, in the relaxing and western world, the liability for that job will be distributed similarly by all nations through equivalent contribution in the international peaceful company. The advantages of residing in a peaceful, serene and western world for everyone far exceeds anything we have now.

Bombing in the Middle East Vineyards

Many people aren’t aware that the middle east grows a ton of grapes. In fact, most Americans only think that Isreal bothers to grow wine.  In fact, Egypt and virtually every island country like Greece and Cyprus tend to grow a ton of wine vines.

For those looking for wine gift baskets, that available wine growing regions makes a huge difference.  You can set up baskets with the famous foods from Greece, or the range of tapistries from Syria and have a truly memorable and histoic gift basket to give to your friends and family members.

War Memorial Unveiled in Sheffield

Two mothers who lost their sons in Afghanistan have unveiled a memorial in Sheffield.  The two soldiers wre Christopher Bridge and Steven Jamie Fellows who died in 2007 and 2009.  Their mothers raised an extimated £35000 to fund the memorial as a lasting symbol for the future.

It consists mainly of granite and actually contains a compass with a small teardrop pointer and the emblem of a dove of peace.  The memorial also honours the 69 World War 2 casualties who are buried in the cemetry at Shiregreen,

The Lord  Mayor John Campbell emphasised that this was not simply a physical memorial but also an example of how people can work together to provide some hope.  The two mothers raised the money through sponsored events and had some donations over the period of just under two years.  Both of the women said how it had helped them to cope with their grief and would continue to raise money for Service related charities in the UK.

You can see very good coverage of the War in Afghanistan in the BBC News and the Newsnight shows.  There are also a few very powerful Panorama episodes based in Kabul and Helmand Province.  If you have problems accessing the UK TV or the US one  shows using the internet – check out this.

It shows you how to access all British TV content quickly and easily.

U.S. Military Spending Remains High

According to this military pay chart and budget, military spending remains very high in the United States.

The U.S. military is divided into four sections: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Similarities between titles and pay grades are common to all four, except for the Air Force which does not have Warrant Officers. Also, in the Navy, the highest rank is Admiral rather than General.

A military pay chart posted online at breaks down the monthly salary range for each title. This amount is less than $1,500 to start with for a Private, Basic Airman, or Seaman recruit, all of which receive the same figure at this stage. The figures start to go up when these novices are promoted, but the amount by which they rise depends on experience. Also, the salary threshold for a most senior officer is the same regardless of which branch of the military one is discussing.

Pay scales are divided roughly into Privates, Seamen, and Airmen, all of whom must rise to their 4th title to break that $2,000 mark. From here, the next stage is a $3,000 barrier which takes only to the next promotion. This would be either to Corporal (Army and Marines), Staff Sergeant (Air Force), or Petty Officer 2nd Class (Navy). From here on in the increments are bigger until an officer reaches the position of Warrant Officer, if he takes on this role.

At this point, wages drop considerably, as though the officer is starting again. They rise slowly from Warrant Officer through four more stages. Then the process starts once more, with wages dropping at the point of 2nd Lieutenant. In the Navy, the second drop starts with the Ensign, after the highest order of Warrant Officer. Figures rise once more, reaching heights of up to $20,000 per month for the most senior officer in any of the four outfits if experience justifies the highest possible rate of pay.

The military pay chart is a matter of public knowledge, posted online for anyone who wishes to know how much money military figures are paid now and their salaries in years past. Reach back to the post-war years, around 1949, and compare figures. Access to these figures is useful, not just trivial knowledge.

Individuals seeking to join the military will find out how much they can expect to earn by achieving promotion in one of these U.S. forces. Also, students looking for research data will find details regarding this financial information, which can be correlated to historical figures they are studying so students are able to learn more about their lives and the potential hardships they might have faced (especially new recruits).

Along with financial information, there is also more to be learned by going directly to the pay chart website. Here you can discover more details about a career in the Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Army. Click on a particular class of officer to discover the job expectations and what it would take to earn promotion. Gain some historical insight into how these men and women have protected their country in numerous conflicts stretching back to the days of Revolution against the British.


Man vs Nature

Time flies so fast. The world has experienced a lot of things over the span of 50 years. There were good things and there were also bad events that took place over the past decades. 50 years ago is approximately 1960’s. During that time, the world was still adjusting and rebuilding from the recent World War II. It was not necessary the most peaceful era, but it was the start of something better. It was the start of a new world. It was actually a good time to rebuild a world that has full of potentials. Learn more about WWII on this website.

50 years ago, we had an abundant source of natural resources. We had everything we needed back then. The world was still rich with natural resources. Unfortunately, we now have scarce resources today. With limited natural resources we have right now, there is a tendency that we could end up having another World War again. This is because nations would have to fight for the remaining or the available natural resources we can have today.

50 years is not actually a long time. If in the span of 50 years man had managed to consume or use all the natural resources, what would then be left for the future generations 50 years from now? Probably nothing. The world would become more chaotic, more people would experience hunger, we would have polluted skies, contaminated bodies of waters/seas and so on. This is the scenario that is awaiting us. If we do not do anything today, we would suffer in the end. We should be responsible enough to restore Mother Earth. We did this to her, therefore we should do whatever it takes to revive her.

Restoring Earth should be everybody’s mission. We can still make it better; we just need to work together. This is the war we need to win. If we lose, we will suffer all the consequences. We should make the world a better place once again. We must work really hard to save the present and the future. The world will eventually die soon, so why even contribute to making it worse.

Most people are very busy nowadays. We have a lot of concerns; financial, health, work, family matters and so on. Some people are even busy becoming sexy and achieving great figures. I too have also tried working out and I am very happy with the results. I have done the insanity workout program and I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the results. The insanity workout results for women are really amazing. I have tried the fitness program myself and it is very effective. You can really trim down or lose weight in just 60 days; it is simply amazing. But back to the main issue. The point is, if we can dedicate 60 days of intensive workout, why can’t we also dedicate 60 days to restore Mother Earth. 60 days may be a short time to restore and help Mother Nature, but it would really make a big impact for the present and future generations. We need to do whatever it takes to accomplish this mission. Save Mother Earth, and she will save us too.

Berkeley News-and Wine!

I think most American’s I know associate UC Berkeley and the general area of Berkeley California as one of the most liberal areas of the country and perhaps the entire world.  Having lived there for a while myself, I don’t think it is really that liberal, but changing perceptions takes years doesn’t it?

I recently wanted to send wine gift from Berkeley to one of my uncle’s who happens to live in Texas.  As you might expect, it was largely a joke.  He’s ultra conservative, doesn’t drink wine, only beer and hates everything that California stands for.  Well, at least when I sent him his wine I was able to include a few choice bumber stickers for his amusement.  My current favorite is the “Department of Peace”  I understnad the meaning, do you?  Since the United States has always had a department of War, why was the diplomatic wing never the department of peace?  Or don’t we care enough?

A Swim That Thawed the Cold War

In 1987 the cold war between the USA and the Soviet Union was at it’s worst.  An American swimmer named Lynne Cox, braved the ice cold waters of the Bering Strait to swim from the USA to the Soviet Union.  At one side of  the strait was Little Diomede Island part of Alaska and just over 2.5 miles away was Big Diomede Island which was in the Soviet Union.

The water though between the two countries was very, very cold.  Cox recollects how the instant she stepped in the water she lost her breath –

“The cold was like a vampire pulling  the heat from my body. I looked down at my fingers and they were totally grey like the hands of a cadaver.”


There were more problems – permission from Moscow was only allowed at the very last minute.  Her guides across the strait got so excited about seeing their relatives across the water spent the night celebrating and overslept.  Both military had demonstrated the air of mistrust by mobilising jet fighters, MIGs and Naval ships.

In the end the permission granted and the Straits were calm – it was that very cold was the main enemy.  In fact her medical team urged her to finish quickly by just touching the cliffs rather than the longer swim to the beach and the Russian delegation.  She bravely decided for the beach as the point was to promote world peace and it seemed much more relevent to shake someones hand rather than touch a piece of rock.

The Russians in the end came up trumps, even organising a beach party with tea and biscuits on the other side. A soviet doctor caller Rita Zakarova covered her with hot water bottles and a sleeping bag and embraced her to warm her up.

This brave swim actually turned her into a Cold War celebrity in both USSR and the USA.  It was said that Gorbochov talked to Regan about Jenny when signing a Nuclear Arms treaty – mentioning how her courage demonstrated how close people actually were to each other.

There have been a series of documentaries about Lynn Cox on American TV stations.  You should be able to find them on NBC and possibly Hulu if you’re lucky.  If you don’t live in the USA then you’ll need to connect via a USA Proxy in order to access them.

Further Reading

The Most Peaceful Places on Earth

We all know what the world’s most dangerous places are. This is solely based on what we see on the local and world news channels. People would immediately conclude that the countries under war are the most dangerous places in the entire world. This is true since a country involved in war involves a lot of killings, misunderstandings, chaos, hunger and every negative aspect you can ever think of. Most people would never want to visit these countries again. The question is, are there still parts of the world that are considered to be safe places? In this world we live in today, it seems very impossible to have such places. But actually, there are safe places on Earth. Let us take a look at the safest and most peaceful places on Earth.

And the most peaceful place on earth goes to… Iceland. This small country, with only 320,000 residents has been considered as the most peaceful country all over the world for two straight years now. Iceland is considered the most peaceful place on Earth based on the homicide rate, weapon importations, and the likelihood of any violent demonstrations.

Denmark and New Zealand are tied for the second most peaceful place on Earth. Now only are these two countries very peaceful, they also have good economies. This is one factor that decreases the levels of crimes and conflicts among the people. If a nation has a bad economy, then there is a high tendency that it would become chaotic. Denmark recognizes freedom of speech. They value each and everyone’s opinions. New Zealand on the other hand has a small proportion of inmates. New Zealand also has good ties with Australia which helped it achieve the number two spot for the most peaceful country of 2012.

According to the study that was made to determine the level of peacefulness a country has, Somalia, Afghanistan and Sudan were found to be the least peaceful places. The terror levels are extremely high on these countries. Although they may be at the bottom rank when it comes to the peacefulness, there is still hope. It just takes time to improve for the better. To improve or develop something, we just need to do a lot of work, just like using your favourite hair removal device. It takes time before you can achieve the results you want. A hair removal device is an amazing invention but it is not a magic wand. You can’t really get the results you want in just a single use. The purpose of hair removal devices are to eliminate unwanted hair and keeps the skin silky smooth. If we expect to achieve or acquire these benefits in a couple of days, then we would just end up being disappointed. Visit to learn how the device works.

Peace is not something that is given; it is a product of hard work and determination to make things more orderly.