Cairo Bomb Blast Shocks Egyptians

Two bombs exploded a week last Tuesday in the Egyptian cities of Alexandria and Cairo, killing one civilian, security officials said.

The Cairo home made bomb blast happened in Qasr al-Nil road near a busy square, and was concealed within an electric transformer, local media reported. ┬áThe story was covered by many domestic and international media agencies including some British TV station – here.

The blast targeting a police killed one civilian and wounded two others, including a 12-year old lad, near the second city of Alexandria in Egypt, authorities told AFP.

The explosion happened near a residential neighbourhood to the western outskirts of the Mediterranean city.

Authorities said the blast missed the checkpoint, which injure three individuals such as the lad, and was transferred from its earlier place.

Among the two grownups that were injured after died in hospital.

There is no immediate claim of responsibility for the two attacks.

Meanwhile, after two bombs were discovered by authorities in various terminals of the town ‘s major airport security measures heightened, security sources told the news agency.

Airport security said they were reviewing video footage while no arrests were made. The bombs were found using electronic devices.

Jennie Hargreaves

Channel 4 Abroad