The Iraqi Horror – Created by Us

Many people who violently opposed to the invasion of Iraq have had their worse fears realised. The mess orchestrated by Bush and Blair against a tissue of lies and unfounded allegations is becoming worse than any of us realised. Most protestors are not angry, but just bitter and sad that something that was so predicitable should have been allowed to come to pass.

In the UK many people suggested that we were drifting inevitably to war, Blair seemed totally committed to invasion irrespective of the facts. The made up threats of WMDs and dodgy documents supporting their existence were of course all completely wrong, perhaps criminally so. Enough people were outraged in Britain to take to the streets and demonstrate in February 2003, in fact it was the largest organised demo ever. In the end it didn’t matter, Tony Blair was going to follow the US to war whatever.

Their were many in the media supporting him taking us to war and David Aaronovitch stated this a few months after the invasion.

“If Iraq becomes anything like a democratic and pluralistic state, then just about everything that the opponents of intervention predicted will have turned out to be wrong. If it descends into long-term chaos and civil war, then just about everything they said will turn out to have been right.”

This has turned out to chillingly right although it was written from the opposite persective, that war was the only solution to the threat of Iraq.
At the time of the war I was mostly in the USA, and the jingoism and support for the war was in full flow although plenty of opposition too. There was more from the UK though and I remember watching those demonstrations on my laptop (thanks to whilst spending some time in the seat of American power – Washington DC.

Of course it is much easier to be wise after the event, many friends of mine who expressed mild concern at the time have now become vocal campaigners against the invasion. It is of course much too late, the West has gone and left a country in utter chaos. Most of the so called experts in the area (who advised for intervention) are now to be seen on the airwaves stating that collapse is inevitable. There seems no other outcome other than a bitter and brutal civil war with the country ripped apart, worryingly though Iran has suggested that it may offer support and military aid to the incumbent powers – hopefully the irony will not be lost on the people who caused this human catastrophe – Blair and Bush.

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